Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Nina and i love sewing ever since my mum let me first time use her sewing machine. At the moment, I`m mostly sewing for my baby girl (8 months). I mean, i can’t imagine, someone looking cuter in my creations.

You surely notice my english is far away from being perfect. But anyway, i decided to write this blog (or try to) in english so I’m able to connect with the sewing community around the world. i hope it’s good enough for you to understand.

A quick word to my pictures. I won`t show the whole face of my little one. Because i`m a little bit protective, and you never know where your pictures going to, once up in the internet. That`s why. I`m a bit sorry that you can`t see the complete cuteness of this little girl. But after all i can`t ask her if she wants to model for me on my blog.

Anyway, i would love to get in touch and i hope my sewing can inspire you.




Please, do not use any of my pictures without asking permission first.

6 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hallo Nina,
    ich schreibe auf deutsch- das macht es für mich einfacher- hihi 🙂 So einen wunderschönen Blog hast du. Ich habe dich zufällig am Wochenende entdeckt und stöbere die ganze Zeit schon. Mach unbedingt weiter so- ich schaue gerne öfter nun vorbei !

    Herzliche Grüße, Sarah

  3. I would like to know how the patterns in “Drape Drape” fit. I have the book and LOVE the patterns but when I did the conversion from cm to inches the sizes are small if they correspond to American sized. Patterns here tend to run on the big side so would you please give me your experience with this? Thank you.

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