Lucy Dress

Lucy-5My little one is not really in need of more summer dresses. But, Marte from Compagnie M just launched her new pattern, the Lucy dress. I couldn`t overcome the temptation to buy it. Martes pattern are made with a lot of care to details. They`re easy to follow, as she guides you  trough every step. With her helpful tips and tricks I was able to shirr this dress perfectly. Last time I tried to shirr, it didn`t look that clean I can tell you.

Lucy-1It`s a perfect summer basic. The pattern comes with a top, dress and a skirt option. You got 3 different strap options to choose. Sounds like endless shirring fun, doesn`t it?

I added some ruffles to the basic strap. That`s the only chance, I made to the pattern.

I sewed up a size 1Y for my tall 10 Month old. It fits her well. The dress is really comfy. She played in it the whole afternoon. Lucy-4

Lucy-3So, if you would like to try it yourself, just hop over to Compagnie M`s Shop and grab your copie.

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