Smoky Cherry Blossom

Mara2-5I sewed a second mara. Actually, it`s the first attempt. When I knew, I could participate in the big Mara Blog Action, I had to try out this pattern immediately. And because I always have to add my personal touch, I made a few changes. Instead of the pleating detail the pattern calls for I just gathered the front part on the bottom of the yoke. In the end, I wasn`t that into it. It`s more like a babydoll blouse now. It`s not fitted the same way around the chest, as it normally would. So I gave it an other go and sewed up my mara dress.



I attached a visible zipper in the back. A cute little detail and it makes dressing so easy and stressless. That`s why I didn`t need an opening in the front yoke. I made a honeycomb smoke. You can find a nice tutorial for this technique here. It looks complicated, but it`s quite easy to do! Just a bit time-consuming. The fabric I used for the yoke is a gorgeous vintage chiffon from my stash. Last but not least, the capsleeves. They`re also a personal addition.

Mara2-2Mara2-1She loves when something is moving, because she blows at it. Such a funny game. Even if it`s not that perfect, I like this mara as well. And my little princess is looking cute in nearly every creation. She saves my skin.

13 thoughts on “Smoky Cherry Blossom

    • 🙂 thank you for your nice comment! it’s funny to see that you all seams to like this mara, while i was not even sure if i should share it or not.

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