Julia`s Secret


I had the chance to test an other Compagnie M Pattern, the Julia sweater. It seems like i make it to a habit, to test her patterns. But, it`s just because they`re truly great. I always find a way, to make them my own. You probably saw a few Julia`s by now. Then you`ll notice, mine is a bit different. Not a big thing. I just changed the back piece to a low-backed one. It gives the sweater an entirely different look.

You can find a small tutorial on the end of the post.


That`s julias Secret, it`s a versatile pattern who can change his appearance easily. I wan`t go into all the various options. Marte showed all her gorgeous version during the last week. Just have a look and you`ll get an idea!




In the front, it`s a basic dolman sleeved sweater. Truly one to live in. I didn`t pull it off since I finished it. That speaks for itself! And that`s why… I had to sew a second one.


In a very wonderful quilted knit fabric I found at Miss Matatabi (yes, I do shop there a lot).


You may ask about the yellow stripes. It`s kind of a flat piping. I just cut a strip of yellow knit fabric, press it in half and sew it into the seam. Exactly, as you would do it with a piping. I think there is a special serger foot to do so, i do it without. No big deal. But if you ask me, a very cool detail.


You would like to give it a go?

Here is my how to… it`s quite easy! I`ll give you a view on my altered back-pattern piece.


You just measure down the fold on the center back, until your taille. Draft a new neckline with the help of a curved lineal. Start at the shoulder seam head down until your taille high on the center back. Easy as pie. You could even draw it free hand. Just be sure to draft it on fold. You want it to be exactly symmetrical on both sides. If you think that you don`t feel comfortable without wearing a bra, you can draft your new neckline just as deep, so it will still cover it. Be creative!


To finish the raw edge I attached a self-made double folded knit-band. I do that with my coverlook (great to have!). You can do it your prefered way, everything works. Because the sweater has a loose silhouette, I attached a knit-strap on the shoulder seam, to hold the sweater in place.

You can get your Julia here.


14 thoughts on “Julia`s Secret

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  2. These Julia sweaters are amazing! Very inspiring! Thanks a lot for being such a great tester.

    • yes that could be perfect, just have in mind that you wan’t wear a bra under it 😉 the second sweater i made with a bit a more stabile fabric hides this fact much more…

  3. When I saw your grey Julia sweater I thought yep, that’s my kind of sweater, I just knew you would make one that I loved. Then I saw the blue one and I’m actually lost for words, love it even more. That piping. WOWZERS!!!!!

  4. Beautiful! I did my first Julia last week for my daughter and this week for my-self and I love your version. I’ll try it very soon. For spring / summer that will be perfect. I have myself already some other adaptations idea to test :-). You can discover all this under http://www.ckikikafe.com

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