Ready to… wear?


When I felt in love with the Lotta dress by Compagnie-M, my little bean was much to small for a size 1Y. But, that`s exactly where the size range starts. As I`m not a very rational being, i couldn`t wait until she`ll be big enough. And of course, I was much to lazy to size it down. I just sewed the smallest size, prepared to wait more than half a year until she`ll be able to wear it, actually. Kind of silly, I know.


I seems like she`s rather small, I thought, that she could probably wear it on her first birthday. But nope. I had to wait, until she was 16 months old. Every time, when I opened her closed I saw this nice dress. I don`t know how many times she had to try it on, just to put it back on the hanger for an other month.



She doesn`t understand, what`s the meaning of the pockets. Nonetheless, they`re seem to be funny.


I can`t remember why I went for the button closure (that`s just one of three options). It looks nice on the hanger. But when she`s wearing it, I do not really like the look. Do you see what I mean? Next time, I would install a zipper for sure!


The dress is lined with silk. It`s so soft, it feels good on the skin. Silk is such a beautiful material, it`s like water to sew with.


Oh, I nearly forgot to introduce you to Rosalie, the co-star in this shooting. It was her first stuffed friend (and is still her only one), she`s much loved!

6 thoughts on “Ready to… wear?

  1. Liebe Nina
    es ist soeben hereingekommen. Es ist perfekt, der Stoff wunderschön und Emilia so hübsch darin. Gratuliere!
    Schlaf gut Mami

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