Who`d have thought, that grey wool pants can look so feminine? I felt in love with this fabric on a flea market, last sunday. It was a big ugly old trouser, but the fabric… just lovely. So I bought it. I immediately knew which pattern to take!

The Hudson Pants by True Bias. Even if they`re designed for knit fabric. It works perfectly well with woven too. I just cut a size bigger than I normally would.


I mentioned previously, the fabric is upcycled. That`s the reason, why they are a bit too tight around the lower legs. There was just not enough fabric. Anyway they`re wearable.


I guess you gonna see a few more Hudson Pants around here in the next few weeks. They`re a nice fit and a quick sew. And not to forget, they`re very comfy!


A little photo bomber on his way. Can`t tell with words how much I love that girl!


You probably already noticed, I added a little extra to the waistband. I think it adds a drop more elegance to the sporty cut.


14 thoughts on “Garçonne

  1. These are fabulous! I like the ones you gave to your mom, too. I recently bought some stretch woven twill that feels a bit like microfiber…I want to use it to make these, too!

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