She lets her daughter eat dog bones – Around the World Blog Hop

This post is going the be all about me. So, if you`re intrested to read why on earth, I would rather spend my nights in front of a sewing machine then in my bed, here we go. The Around the World Blog Hop was kindly passed on to me from Olu of Needle and Ted.

There are 4 questions and I`ll try to answer them, as honestly as I can…

What am I working on?


Typically, I`ve so many project on my sewing table that there isn`t enough space left to work. So I have to look around my sewing room to find a place where I can clear away something. Usually, I`m not going to find one. But instead I stumble over something inspiring. And… it happens again. I just can`t clean up this room because I get distracted by all the awesome stuff i`m going to find. It`s a doom loop.





My head is in the clouds.

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Does it? I don`t know. I just try to do my own stuff. Maybe i`m not a typical sewing blogger mum. Wanna have the proof?

I let my daughter eat dog bones (thank you Olu! You really made me chuckle).


Why do I create what I do?

That`s easy. It`s love! It`s all about love. I love fabric, the sound of my sewing machine, the hot steam of my iron, the mess in my sewing room, my big stash of vintage buttons and if I find just the ONE for my project, the look out of my window while sewing, my friend the seam ripper, bobbins, the teeths of a zipper, pins hit my fingers, hand-sewing, cutting with a sharp scissor, sewing related books, the look of my little bean wearing my self-made stuff…

And you know what, i`m not the “it has to be easy and fast” kind of seamstress. I love complicated projects, far away from my comfort zone. And after hours and hours, if it works out fine. I`m happy and proud like one would after a marathon.

It`s all about the process. All about the simple and beautiful things.







How does the creating process work?

I have an idea, I make a sketch (sometimes), I draft a pattern (mostly), I make a muslin (nearly never), I cut into my fabric and sew it up (doesn`t look like the sketch at all).



Enough about me, i`m getting bored.

Time to pass on the AROUND THE WORLD BLOG HOP

First, i`m going to pass on to the very talented Nathasa of Glitter and Wit

She lives in Southwest Missouri, USA and is mummy to two adorable children.

I love her blog for the beautiful and inspiring creations. They always have a very recognizable style.

And of course the grumpy face of her sweet little daughter.

(Pictures are links!)




Psst, Tasha got a Shop, you can get her handmade goods there!

Second, i`m going to pass on to Kathleen of Les Jardins d`Elysse

She lives in Belgium and has a very cute little daughter.

I love her blog for the beautiful fabric`s she uses and the oh so adorable knitting projects.


truitje liz 3

Look at this little jacket, it looks so cozy. And the yellow popping out of the pockets, to cool!