Glitter, Glam and Pixy Charm

BlakeDress_005 Kopie

I sewed a dress…  so exciting. She`s gonna wear it at Christmas Eve. That`s a fine excuse, to explain her daddy why she`s in need of an other one. Doesn`t she look like a little pixy?

BlakeDress_002 Kopie

When I first saw the Blake Dress by Mingo and Grace, I instantly knew it would be the perfect pattern for this occasion. I made her a size 2 Y and it fit`s like a glove. I used my precious herring bone nani iro from Miss Matatabi. This fabric is a dream. Such a soooft double gauze. It`s like linen it doesn`t matter if it`s creased. I love it, even if double gauze really has a mind on his own, some times.

BlakeDress_004 Kopie

The dress is fully lined and just to add a little glam factor (come on, it`s Christmas), I attached two layers of golden organza . My little pixy is charmed by the sheen.

BlakeDress_003 Kopie

Have a look at her shoes, i`m still testing my pattern, it`s nearly perfect. It takes me so much time to get it ready… But in the end it doesn`t matter. It has to make fun. It`s my passion, good things take time, as we say here.

BlakeDress_001 Kopie

Happy Holidays in advance!

Baby shoes Mania


I`m totally into baby shoes sewing. My girl just takes her first steps. The perfect occasion, to make her a whole collection of sweet little leather shoes. It`s such a satisfying project, you just need a few scraps of leather and a short nap time of your little one, to sew a paire of this beauty’s.


As i`m used to wear Doc Martens, it seems obvious to sew some Docs for her as well. With a soft sole of course. I adore them. She loves them too, but not that much for walking in it.


She spends a lot of time opening the shoestrings.



Do you know the Tigerfinkli? Here in Switzerland, they were very popular when I was a child. It`s a timeless design.

The print is drawn by a sharpie. It didn`t go as fast as I thought it would. As always when i`m crafty.



I just can`t stop… Maybe I should launch a baby shoe pattern. That would be a dream. Would you guys be interested?