Little Lady

TanteEmma2It`s a little lady dress. The pattern is self drafted. The bodice is lined. The pleated skirt is made of a square, totally easy to do. You can add this kind of skirt to nearly every bodice. I just doubled the circumstance of the bodice, and pleated it in the front and in the back. The length depends on your taste, you just have to measure from the end of your bodice down to where you wanna have the hem. I sewed it up in some nice Tante Emma cotton fabric I got locally in a fabric store. I love the cute print. It was a quick sewing. There isn`t much to say about this dress. I wanna let the pictures speak for themself. I hope you enjoy.TanteEmma1TanteEmma3
Love it when my girl is wearing mamamade cloths. There is a lot of love and time I put in sewing it up for her. It`s like, I wrap her in love, so the world around her is a little more cozy and warm. You know what I mean? If you`re sewing for your little ones, how do you feel about dressing them in your handmade stuff?