Nautical equipment

ImageAs I already told you, you`ll see a lot of rompers around here. Are you already tired of it? I`m not. It`s kind of an obsession. This one is made from a lillestoff knit. And some local bought polka dot fabric. I love sewing with knit`s since i`ve got a serger, it`s so easy to get a nice and clean result. And for a kiddo it`s just so comfortable.

ImageThe pattern is, as usual for my rompers, self drafted. I`ve a lot of fun playing around with different designs. This time a made a crossed strap in the back and just to add some cuteness, I drafted a tiny knot. I inserted the elastic with my (new) coverlock machine. It took my years to work it out, just couldn`t find the right setting. In the end i`m quite content with the result. It`s not perfect but it look`s nice. I hope i`ll get the hang of this machine someday. May you`ve any tips for me?

ImageToday was one of the first summer days here (we don`t get too many of them every year, here in switzerland). So it was the perfect thing to wear. Love to dress her in my handmade clothes. They`re made with so much love, just for her.


ImageThe cap she`s wearing is 25 years old. Even if it`s from Walt Disney, I love it.

ImageA beautiful, sunny day on the gorgeous lake, in a nice, selfmade romper, is there anything better?

3 thoughts on “Nautical equipment

  1. die gekreuzten Träger gefallen mir besonders gut! Liebe Nina deine Kreationen sind sehr schön! Was gibt es wohl aus unseren Stoffen?
    Herzlich Nella

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