Sunny Day Shorts


Since summer is finally arrived, my little bean was in need of shorts. Time to try out the Sunny day shorts by Oliver + S Patterns. It`s a free pattern for basic shorts. Exactly what I was looking for, it`s so easy to customize. You can alter the pattern to whatever your heart desires. That`s what I did. I altered the pattern quite a lot.


I added side pockets, and a tinny back pocket. I`m pround of the back pocket! It was my first time to sew one of this kind (does anybody know how they`re called?).  It looks like I`ve allined the stripes, but let me tell you, that’s just a happy coincidence! Anyway, back to the pattern chances. I added a front closure and i shortened the legs. I sewed the shorts a little bit bigger, than my girls size. So she can wear them the whole summer.


As you can see in the pictures I attached a buttonhole elastic to adjust the pants to her waist. She`s growing so fast.


So that`s why, the waistband is so wavy at the moment. Since I made them bigger, I had to tighten the elastic quite a bit.



The camomile plant has just the same color like the yellow of her pockets inside. And the poppy`s the same shade of red as the button. That`s luck, isn`t it? And yes, the button is the same i already used here. I still have a few of them in my stash.

The fabric is taken from an old shirt. Are you already tired of my upcycles? And the yellow one is a cotton i bought locally. I love the fresh kick, yellow give`s to summer clothing.



She seems to like her new pants, and I like them as well. I`m sure that wasn`t the last time that I used this pattern. Maybe I`ll make them smaller next time.



16 thoughts on “Sunny Day Shorts

  1. I have similar blue strip fabric, never thought to mix it with yellow. Very effective, I’m stealing that idea 😉

    I think that pocket at the back is called a welt pocket. Neat!

    • ah, that’s a welt pocket. thank you!
      just steal that idea, i’m glad if i can inspire. I’m curious what you’re going to do with this fabric combination!

  2. Yes, that is a welt pocket and very nicely done!
    Super cute shorts and I love your pebbly back drop.

    • Yes, a welt pocket. Thank you. Next time i`m going to sew one i`ll know how to name it ;). The pebbly back drop is just next do our house, where we`re used to go for a walk with our dog. A very nice place, next to a river.

    • Thank you, it`s my little joy about sewing that i can realize what ever comes to my mind. I love the fabric you used for your last project!

  3. Liebe Nina
    süss sind sie geworden. So sommerlich und so praktisch! Die little been sieht gar nicht mehr so little aus!
    Con amore Nonna

    • Hallo mami, das war auch ein altes hemd von papi. Hat er mir vor langem mal gegeben. Sie ist so gewachsen in der letzten zeit nicht? Sie bleibt trotzdem die kleine bohne. nina

  4. I love this!! What wonderful customization! I love the contrasting yellow pocket facings and welt! What a fantastic idea!

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  6. Hallo,
    sag mal, wie hast du den nicht vorhandenen Reißverschluss genäht? Also ist liegt von rechts und links doppelt aber kein Reißverschluss. Wie macht man das am Besten?

    Liebe Grüße und wirklich tolle Hose!!

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