There is a pocket


Look there is a pocket. That`s what I usually tell her, when I try to introduce a new dress, i hope she`s gonna like. This one was accepted. Lucky me.

A basic, well-fitting A-line dress, is everything you need to modify it to nearly ever dress you could imagine. I wasn`t that creative with this one. But still, I really like the outcome! My father gifted one of his shirts. As soon as i saw those stripes, i knew how it`s gonna look like. Playing around with stripes is a hobby, it`s just so much fun. The fabric is good quality cotton shirting, lightweight and airy. Perfect for a fast little summer dress. Thank you Dad!



I used the same pattern like here, drafted a new joke and used the cuffs of the original shirt as a belt. What gives the dress some shape around the waistline. The cuffs are already interfaced and i could even reuse the buttonhole and the button, they had just the right length. I love, when my planes work out that well.

The dress is easy to get on and off, as the back has a full button-planket (I didn`t have to sew myself).

And never forget to add a pocket, a dress wouldn`t be complete in her eyes!


Pattern: Patternhack from an A-line dress out of the Japanese sewing book, Sew for your Girls.

Fabric: Refashioned old Button-up.

Hairstyle: By her dad

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Soft Wrinkles


A new favorite dress. For both of us. That`s rare. Here it is. A simple A-Line Dress from the Japanese sewing book, Sew for your Girls. A loose fit, in a nice and soft linen from Miss Matatabi, with a functional button-placket and a sailor collar. Not to forget the pocket. And the magic happens.


All the fabrics in this picture are linen. Don`t you love, how linen looks so soft and wrinkles in the most beautiful way. I do.


The pattern is a size 3y without any modifications. It`s perfect and will fit for a longer time. The instructions are easy-to-follow and the pattern is very versatile. I already made a little hack which is coming to the blog soon. If you follow me on IG (@fliegfederfrei),  you previously got a sneak peek of my  upcycling dress.


The buttons were a gift I received from a good friend. A box full of vintage buttons. Can you get a better gift as a seamstress? I love to sew those buttons on my projects, it feels so special and reminds me of good times we shared. Thank you Marte!


Happy dance on mum`s bed.


Pattern: Sewing for your Girls (I received this book as a sponsoring for Parissewsocial last year from Tuttle)

Fabric: Linen from Miss Matatabi

Sunny Day Shorts


Since summer is finally arrived, my little bean was in need of shorts. Time to try out the Sunny day shorts by Oliver + S Patterns. It`s a free pattern for basic shorts. Exactly what I was looking for, it`s so easy to customize. You can alter the pattern to whatever your heart desires. That`s what I did. I altered the pattern quite a lot.


I added side pockets, and a tinny back pocket. I`m pround of the back pocket! It was my first time to sew one of this kind (does anybody know how they`re called?).  It looks like I`ve allined the stripes, but let me tell you, that’s just a happy coincidence! Anyway, back to the pattern chances. I added a front closure and i shortened the legs. I sewed the shorts a little bit bigger, than my girls size. So she can wear them the whole summer.


As you can see in the pictures I attached a buttonhole elastic to adjust the pants to her waist. She`s growing so fast.


So that`s why, the waistband is so wavy at the moment. Since I made them bigger, I had to tighten the elastic quite a bit.



The camomile plant has just the same color like the yellow of her pockets inside. And the poppy`s the same shade of red as the button. That`s luck, isn`t it? And yes, the button is the same i already used here. I still have a few of them in my stash.

The fabric is taken from an old shirt. Are you already tired of my upcycles? And the yellow one is a cotton i bought locally. I love the fresh kick, yellow give`s to summer clothing.



She seems to like her new pants, and I like them as well. I`m sure that wasn`t the last time that I used this pattern. Maybe I`ll make them smaller next time.



Hamburger Liebe

ImageOh, how I love rompers. It`s a little obsessively. A baby in a romper, ins`t that darling? I`m allways kind of melting away. So that`s why you probably gonna see a lot of rompers around here. Until my girl can refuse to wear one. Today I would like to show you the Hamburger Liebe romper, I made as a gift for a sweet little baby girl, who has just the same age as my little bean. But before I gifted it away I had to take some pictures of it. I`m in love with the fabric. It`s so colorful and the quality is really nice too. And I heard, the new collection is just released these days. Can`t wait until the fabric arrives in my local store.

ImageThe pattern is self drafted, and it pleases me. So i`m thinking about to write a tutorial and maybe a free pattern the next days. Would you like that?


ImageA close view on the front bodice. I added some piping for an extra pop of color. Not really necessary when you look at the print. But anyway I like it. ImageAnd the back. I`m thrilled how this closure came out. It happened by accident. I forgot to add seam allowance. So what to do, this was the best idea, that came into my mind. And what should i say. It wouldn`t be the same without. I kind of like sewing accidents. I always have to scretch my head about it, but mostly, after all, something creative comes into being.

ImageThat`s how it looks from the inside. I`m currently in love with finishing of leg openings with bias tape. Here I made a casing for the elastic, looks clean from the inside, doesn`t it?

ImageA happy baby.