Baptism Dress for a Boy


No, I don`t have a baby boy. And as I`m not religious, it`s neither my celebration. It`s for a very close friend of mine. Her baby boy, is going to have his christening ceremony the coming weekend. She just couldn`t find the right dress for him, in the end she asked me, if I would sew one for him. And of course, I just jumped at the occasion. For her and her family, it`s a special and important day. And it`s me, who`s going to sew up his dress. I felt so honored. I tried hard do give my best. I searched, a suitable pattern, for long time. Just to realise that there isn`t anything, like we wanted it to be. Finally, I drafted the pattern by myself. I made a muslin first, I rarely do so. But this time it was important enough, to spend some extra hours.


We were looking for a traditional dress, suitable for a boy. She prefered an overall, rather than a skirt. Not too much decoration, but still very festive.


I found a vintage lace stripe at a brokers`row, a week ago. I really like it. It`s so subtle and looks classic. It was kind of endless handsewing fun to attach the lace to the bodice. I think I didn`t had a project like this before, I had to use a thimble, my fingers get sore. But it was totally worth it. I think all the handsewing, who comes with such a dress, is exactly, what makes it so precious.



I used a very thin cotton Baptist. This fabric is amazing! My mother became it as a gift from an old lady, who worked as a tailor, and stored it for a long time. But, it`s still in an excellent condition! She passed it on to me, thank you mum! It`s so lightweight, I had to line it with a second Baptist who`s a bit firmer. Still the drape of the dress is like a cloud of fabric. I like! But it wasn`t that easy, to insert the invisible zipper. I couldn`t sew it between the two layers, the fabric wasn`t staedy enough. So I just attached it to both layers instead, and sewed a facing. Yes of course, by hand.


In my big zeal, no dress is complete, without the matching shoes. Here they areImage

Made of the softest Nappa leather, with some air-condition for the hopefully hot summer day. I drafted the pattern myself. As the leather is so soft, i didn`t had to line them.  It was a very quick sew, compared to the dress.

Pictures of the sweet little boy in his robe will follow the next week.



6 thoughts on “Baptism Dress for a Boy

  1. Liebe Nina
    mit diesem Anzug wird Finn wie ein kleiner Prinz aussehen! Toll hast du das gemacht, richtig tolles Handwerk!
    Gruss Mami

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