Sunny Day Shorts second issue


As I told you, I couldn`t resist. I sewed up a second pair of sunny day shorts by Oliver+S. If you missed my first one, have a look here. I made a few alteration to the very basic shorts pattern. You can really personalize this pattern. Last time, I haven`t been totally satisfied by the result. The shorts where a little to big. So this time I made them smaller. Again, I attached a buttonhole elastic, so it`s easy to adjust the exact size of the waist. And now, they fit well.


My favorite thing, to sew for her, are definitely dresses. So she`s still a bit short on summer shorts. But I`ve to wait at least a week until I`m gonna sew my next pair. All this topstitching…


I used a neon colored thread. So you can see every wonky seam straightaway. It was late at night, I allways forget the time once sitting on my machine. So, they`re a few wonky stitches. But I like the pop of color it adds to the cotton flannel.


That`s my second welt pocket. And now, I know how to name it. Thanks to my readers!


Today it was way to cold outside. So we played inside with her phone. I do not really know if she understands what it should be. Doesn`t look like my cell phone.

4 thoughts on “Sunny Day Shorts second issue

  1. Das Nili kommt mir bekannt vor! Die Shorts sind neu und ganz lässig!
    Gruss Mami
    übrigens nähst du im Schnellzugstempo!

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