Reversible wrap vest

Hanami_Weste_003This cute wrap vest was an other make of kids clothes week, I didn`t find the time to blog about during the week. It`s also a pattern hack of the Hanami dress by Straight Grain.

Hanami_Weste_001 The nice print is from michael miller. And lucky me, I found just the perfect shade of blue in my stash, to suit the tinny dots in the print. I don`t know why, I didn`t take some pictures of the reverse side.


It`s such a convenient piece of clothing. It already got a lot of use. I like the colors. And it`s perfect for cooler summer evenings. It`s warm around the waist because of the two layers. It`s suitable over a dress or just a tee or even over a onesies. It makes every outfit looking so darling. Don`t you think?

If you`re looking for a free pattern like this one, have a look at Craftiness is not optional. I`ve been inspired by, but my printer was out-of-order. Therefor, I had to do it myself.

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