Knitting for Alice


Winter is drawing near. And as a person, who starts fairly quickly to freeze. I should be well prepared. Arm knitting is a wonderful fast and easy project. You can work with thick wool, sitting on a cosy place and watch how your work is growing on your arms. It`s knitting for Alice in the Wonderland. I never ever finished a knitting project that fast. I`m sure this is going to be a last-minute gift once. Give it a go!

I used this tutorial.

5 thoughts on “Knitting for Alice

    • hey, thank you! yes the scarf is really cozy and warm. i used two balls of woll. that was around 130g. i’ve knitted whit two strings as one, like in the tutorial. i’m looking forward to see your scarf!

      • Thanks! I ‘m going to shop for the woll first and hopefully I can show it soon. (depends on how my arm reacts on the knitting ; )

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