Earflap Cap – Free Pattern and Tutorial


It`s about 2 Months ago that I promised to share my Earflap Cap Pattern … I know, I know… . Better late than never. Yesterday we got snow again, that was my reminder. Here we go…


I just love this cap, she wears it nearly every day. It holds her ears cozy and warm. If you`re in a hurry, you can sew up one in about 45 minutes. It`s an easy and fast project. Perfect, if you need a last-minute baby gift.

I`m not an artist, I don`t know why, I felt more like drawing this tutorial, rather than taking pictures. But I was in a mood. Hope that works for you.

Here is your pattern, be carefull not to scale the pattern while printing.

It`s for a head circumference of 46-48 cm. That should fit a baby from 12-18 Months.


Note: This is a pattern without seam allowance. You may add 1 cm.



Sew the side pieces to the middle piece. Right sides facing (RSF). Do the same with the lining fabric.

Sew the flap RSF together, crop the fabric around the curved edges. Turn right side out. Press.


Baste the flap and the straps to the seam allowance of the fabric.

4. Earflap-Cap_004

Sew fabric and lining RSF together (flap and straps should be between this two layers!). Leave the middle part in the back open (as indicated in the drawing). Turn right sides out, through this opening.

5. Earflap-Cap_005

Sew the opening close. Sew the flap to the cap, with a few hand stitches.

Congrats, your done!

That`s how it should look like…


share your procject with me… I would love to see your Caps.


3 thoughts on “Earflap Cap – Free Pattern and Tutorial

  1. Thanks for the nice tutorial! And what a professional photos you’ve made! Can you explain your secret in a blog-message? ; )

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