She`s the One


She`s the one, who fits into my pants. May I introduce, that`s my mom. She`s wearing a pair of Hudson Pants sewn by me. Well, actually I made them for myself. I used a woven fabric. I up-sized one size as I did in my first version, sewed them together without any bad thoughts.. and when I finished and tried them on… they were too small. I don`t know what went wrong, maybe it was the fever that I suffered from while sewing. Happily, I made them exactly in mom`s size.


They suit her very well, if you ask me. I made a cropped version. I heard showing the ankles is fashionable at the moment. No, it`s just a nice length, for a lightweight summer trousers, like this one. Don`t you think?


By the way, my mom is a very passionate knitter. She always makes very gorgeous stuff. I`m so impressed by her patience.

The sweetest little cat-hat is made by her, see a better pic on my Instagram.


My little girl loves her Nonna to the moon and back! Thank you Mom for all your Support!

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