Golden Rain


It`s already a few weeks ago, since I sewed this little dress. A fast project, that I squeezed in between a few larger ones in my sewing queue. Just because I stumbled over this beautiful fabric, I bought once locally. I love the colors. That happens to me sometimes.


The dress is self-drafted and it`s not perfect. I just gave it a go.


Some pleats, some piping and an asymmetrical shape. She looks quite cute in it.


A fast closure.


And of course pockets. Yes, that`s something she just discovered. For me it`s amazing to see what treasures she found to be important enough to carry. Always a surprise. That`s it, a perfect little in-between dress.

23 thoughts on “Golden Rain

  1. I love this! Such an adorable dress! The fabric, the piping, the pattern! And then your sweet daughter and her beautiful smile, the blue wall, the nice table – perfection!

  2. Super cute dress! Your daughter looks adorable in it and she has grown so much! I would love to make this pattern for my girl too!

  3. oh my word! This is completely adorable!! Self-drafted? You are a pattern-making genius! And great choice of fabric:)

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