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I was a happy one who had the honor to test the new Pattern by Straight-grain. The Ishi is a simple A-line dress, with princess seams and big pockets. Easy to sew, comfy to wear and endless options to explore. This is going to be a favorite staple dress.



This is a size 18 Months, it fits her perfectly.

I also sewed a size 2 Y for her, there is a bit more room to grow. Do you see what I mean? It was my fault. She`s just between the two sizes, i don`t now what i had in mind while choosing the size. Doesn`t matter. I`ll sew a few more Ishis for sure.


The pattern comes with beautiful and easy to follow graphics. If you`re a beginning seamstress don`t worry with the tips and tricks An provides, you`ll be able to sew this dress! If you`re a more experienced sewer, you`ll stich it up in like no time.


Pockets, yes big pockets. You can imagine what you`ll find in them every evening. The treasures of the day, always a nice surprise!



A few chances were made to the pattern. I added a rolled-up effect to the short sleeves and I sewed in a visible zipper instead of an invisible (they always bite the dust so fast).


Fabrics: Side Panel: Naniiro (Mondaysmilk), Front Panel: Soft cactus (locally) Pockets: Silver linen (locally)

The pattern is sold in the Straight-grain shop for $10, use the code LAUNCH15 for a 15% off (expires May 22).

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19 thoughts on “Ishi Blogtour

  1. wunderbare Gärtnerin! In diese Kleidertaschen mag einiges rein. Total süss, auch die Stoffwahl ist sehr schön.

  2. I love this dress so much!! you are soooooo good at choosing the perfect tones for your fabrics! I love both versions!! and I am sure it will be great to have a size 2 that fits perfectly in a few months! hugs !

  3. Love both your Ishi dresses! Beautiful fabric combinations! I’m working on my version and my girl is also in between sizes… Should I choose 12 or 18 months?

    • hi silvia, the size 2 ishi is to long, the fit of the bodice is just a bit flattering. so you may decide by the lenght of your girl which size to. take. and if you choose the size 18 and it’s going to be to big… you know the grow up so fast ;).

  4. This is a GREAT dress, I saw it earlier on Straight Grain fb page but your two versions and the lovely combination of fabrics make me want to buy the pattern immediately. I was looking for a perfect dress to sew for my mini 1year’s birthday, I think this is it 🙂 (Love the modification on the sleeves !)

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