A stitch back in time


For me it`s the second round in the Battle of the Stitches. See my first Battle here. It`s a nice competition without any fight factor. It`s just about pushing each other, to sew something special, within the same theme. My fellow competitors are:

Olu of Needle and Ted

Toya of Made with Toya

and Sara of Made by Sara

It`s a pleasure ladies! I can`t wait to see what they all did! Be sure to check it out!

We all love vintage patterns and designs. So this battle is all about the bygone times. A stitch back in time we call it.

I was searching for a 60`s style sailor coat pattern, I saw once on Etsy. Sadly, I wasn’t able to find it anymore. Nowhere. I had already fallen in love with the design, I couldn’t think of sewing anything else. I just had to be this kind of coat. My only choice was to draft my own version, in keeping with the 60`s flair.

So I did, I drafted it myself. I sewed a muslin and had to buy some nice wool for it to be just like I imagined.

My Little Bean and I went to the local fabric shop, and found the last meter of a gorgeous wool and a little fabric scrap, just enough for the collar and a bonnet (a vintage coat needs a matching bonnet doesn’t it?). Lucky days!

And here it is…

Fliegfederfreis 60`s inspired Sailor Coat



The pattern is an A-line style coat with a sailor collar, ranglan sleeves, welt pockets, a box pleat in the back, a button closure with fabric bound buttonholes and a full lining.

The wonderful vintage buttons where a gift from Marte. I hope I won’t loose any, I only have 5 of them. Thank you Marte, I love your buttons!


The first snowy winter day in Switzerland, a dream to take pictures of a coat.


The bonnet is reversible, I used the left-overs of the coat. So it`s warm and cosy and thanks to the wool, a bit weatherproof. The pattern and tutorial is from Toya. I hope she doesn’t mind but this is a friendly contest. Thank you Toya your bonnets are just too cute!


My girl loves her new coat as much as I do. That’s unusual when it comes to handmade stuff those days. She thinks it’s nice and she looks pretty in it. Jackpot!


I’m thinking about turing my pattern into a pdf for you. Would you be interested? Let me know!

29 thoughts on “A stitch back in time

  1. Oh Nina. It’s just perfect!!!! I love everything about it and would definitely buy this coat pattern for my girls. 🙂 M

    • hihi you allways see those things… photoshop is a good friend :)! the thights were a bit darker but i did not like the shade in the pictures that much so i decided to cheat a bit hihi

      • i allways have to bother boris with stuff like that… but it was worth it. my photoshop knowledge is very basic. but why should i learn it while i have a pro at home 😅!

  2. So adorable! That coat with the bonnet is perfect — I have such a weakness for bonnets but neither of my girls will wear them for extended periods of time. I love the snowy photos, too!

  3. Such a lovely coat! I was just thinking how I could get my hands on a pattern when you said you might release it as a PDF pattern. Please do!

  4. Oh yes, please make a PDF a pattern!! I will be your first customer! 🙂
    Love every.single.thing about this. The coat… the bonnet… the snow… that adorable girl! Everything is perfect!!

  5. This is SOOOO lovely, I love this vintage style and the colour your choose adds to this wonderfull touch. So bad the pattern isn’t available anymore, I would love to have made one for my mini.

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