Cosy Toes


When my big girl was about her age I loved to sew her soft shoes. I even made her some little Doc Martens. It`s something quick and satisfying to sew. Little feet in tiny shoes are just darling. Twig and Tale is organising a tour to spread the shoe love and to inspire you to sew your own.


My little one is wearing a Mara I made more than two years ago. I love to dress her in old favorites! It`s like meeting old friends again. I had a little piece of that fabric left in my scrap-bin. Shoes are a perfect project for really small scraps. The grey leather is a leftover piece from the furniture industry. Hello little upcycled mouse.



As I sewed with leather i did not really follow the instructions. The pattern is designed for woven fabrics. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. There is a page to measure your baby`s feet which makes it very easy to pick the correct size and you`ll get a pair of well-fitting shoes.


Check out the others on the tour as well for some more inspiration!

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Pattern: Wild things baby shoes from Twig and Tale

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