Last Monday was a big one for me, I started school. I`m super excited to learn all the things I used to figure out by myself for years. I’m such a lucky girl.

I don`t know in which way it’s going to affect this little space, but I’m thinking about making it into a dairy of all the useful things I am going to learn. Maybe, it’s worth knowing for you as well.


Today, i would like to show you my most recent pair of pants. It s the Philippa by Anna Allen.

The Philippa pants sewing pattern was created out of a need for simple but sturdy tapered leg trousers, slim fitting and high waisted. The side seams are completely straight, just as jeans and pants were typically made in the 1930’s and ‘40s. The straight side seams make this pattern perfect for selvedge denim, which is a type of denim woven on narrow looms. The Philippa pants include waist shaping at the front/back, two back darts and features a classic button fly, back pockets and belt loops. The pant length ends at the ankle, but can be lengthened or shortened as desired. This pattern is drafted for woven non-stretch fabrics.


How couldn’t I fall in love with this pattern? It’s simple and beautiful. Nonetheless, i had to sew three muslins until i got the fit just right. Maybe, it’s about this high-waisted style but, they fit beautifully as long as I stand up straight. If I sit or stoop down, they pinch me in the belly. And yes, if I’m honest, it isn’t the most comfortable pair in my closet. That’s not a big plus if your a mum and pick up something every two meters.


Anyway, I feel great wearing them. I feel great to wear well fitting pants in a beautiful fabric made to measure by myself. The fabric is amazing. Those pants are made from hemp-denim. I got it from Atelier Goldfaden in exchange for a sample garment. It`s soft. Holds his shape perfectly well and it feels so lightweight and cool. No better fabric for a pair of summer jeans! Hemp is a really sustainable fabric to sew with. Today a few more beautiful hempfabrics are going online on the Atelier Goldfaden Shop.


The Philippa is a straight seam pattern. It`s made for selvedge fabric or you could do what I did and eleminate the side seams. What really adds a special touch. As I have quite some hip-to waist ratio, I had to sew a dart where the sideseams would be.


I’m wearing my new favorite pants with a lightweight french-terry Inari Tee by Named. An all time favorit pattern of mine.


And because i m such a lucky girl, a huge thank you goes to Mr. Fliegfederfrei. The pictures, he takes of me are like the way he looks at me. I`m way more beautiful through his eyes and linse.  He holds my back and lifts me up, makes me strong and help me to life my best life. With him backing me, I can do it, I can do everything. It means the world to me, that you love me, belief in me and help me to reach for my dreams.

Also my parents and my parents in law who look after the kids while i`m in school, it wouldn’t be possible without you. Thank you so much for your support. It means so much me to get this chance!


Sparrow wrap


Sometimes, you dream about something for ages. You just don`t get over that stage. A dream that stays in your mind, while you care for your kids or go to work in a job you don’t really love anymore. It’s there, sometimes louder, sometimes you’re just comfortable with it just being a dream.


Until someone shows you, that your dreams could get real if you just go for it. After giving birth to three kids, it’s finally time for me to make my first steps towards my dream of sewing for a living. In Summer im going to start training.


It takes courage. And I still can`t get over, how much love and support i got from my husband and my family. It means everything to me! As a mum it’s not that easy anymore to change your career. I’ll get the chance.


The person who showed me, that it could be possible and introduced me to the training I choose now is Mirjam from Atelier Goldfaden. She is in a similar situation as a mum who made a career change. It’s so inspiring to see what she’s doing now after finishing her training.


She just opened the most beautiful online fabric store in Switzerland. She offers natural fabrics like linen, wool, silk or double gaze. Wonderful japanese fabrics or indian block prints. Fabrics from Merchant an Mills, Oilskins. Her selection is amazing. It’s the kind of shop you want to buy everything you see. For sure its the shop im buying my fabric from now on.


Mirjam offered me this most gorgeous linen. Its soft, has a beautiful drape and a wonderful weight. Since I cut the threads, I wore it as soon as it came out of the washing machine. I wore it over t shirts as it’s still a bit chilly for spaghetti straps. The fabric has a very subtile black check. You can get away with not matching it, but it adds some visual interest.


Pattern: Sparrow wrap dress from afternoon patterns. I sewed the smallest size and had to take off a few cm on the skirt wide and change the hip curve. There are some tucks under the bust. I had the feeling that it added to much bulk on the side covered by the wrap. it looked silly as I don’t have so much bust, i took them out. I’m happy with the fit now.

Fabric: Were offered from Atelier Goldfaden in exchange for an example dress. You can find it here.

Thank you Mirjam for being an inspiration and for showing me that dreams can be made reality!