Baby Bandana Bib Tutorial + Free Pattern


I used a ton of baby bandanas since my baby is here. They`re so useful and look really darling. I became one as a baby shower gift. I didn`t want to buy a few more, so I drafted a pattern and sewed them up myself. Today i wanna share my pattern with you. They`re tried and trusted by me.

You`ll need

ImageI use knit fabric. It`s soft and nice around baby’s neck. But it`s also possible to sew this bandana bib in a woven fabric. You want need a lot of fabric. It`s a great project to use your scraps!

1. Rights sides facing

ImageFold the ribbon in half, place it between the fabrics. Attach it with a few stitches, so there isn`t any shifting while  sewing with the serger.

2. Lay your fabric under the machine

ImageI use my serger for all knits, if you don`t have one. Insert a ballpoint needle to your sewing machine and set to a narrow zigzag stitch. Stitch all around, be sure to space open to turn inside out.

ImageThat`s how it should look so far. Now turn, right side out. And press well.


3. Close the space you let open by some handstitching


4. Apply the velcro fastener

ImageThe small one on the outside right. And the bigger one on the inside left. If you do so, your bib is gonna be reversible.


ImageYour done! That`s it! Because they`re so fast to sew. I`ve got quite a number of those bibs. So I have always the right one to complete her outfit.




Download the Pattern here.