Upcycled canvas tote bag

ImageFinally, I sewed for my boyfriend. It`s his birthday gift (from a year ago, oops). I just promised, to do it soon all the time. And then, when it comes to my rarely sewing time, I always found something else to do first. For my apology, it can be said that it was a year full of major chance, I became a mother, we got a baby dog and we moved to a house. Just to mention a few. Anyway, he got his tote. The pattern is drafted by me. I sewed it up after his requirements. He`s a photographer, so it`s necessary to have room for his camera (at least the small one for the daily use). And from time to time, his laptop, a book, something to eat, a separate place for his phone and some pens. That`s it.
And that, was a lot for me to think about. It`s my really first bag pattern. So it wasn`t a breeze for me to work it out. It`s made from an old military tent canvas. It`s nice to sew with it and it has a good wight for a project like this.

ImageThere are some big patch pockets in the front. So he can stuff something small in, without opening the whole bag. ImageIf he opens the bag, he got some extra space. The lining is in a contrasting bright yellow, so it`s easy to see the things inside.ImageHave a look inside. It`s quite roomy. I made a separate laptop pocket, it`s well feed so the laptop won`t broke. I added a little tag with my feather and a tiny heart. Everytime, when he opens his bag, he`ll be reminded that I love him. ImageImageThere is a secret pocket on the back, made for stuff like keys or money.ImageMy love is happy with his new bag. And until now, there aren`t any complaints. Whats about you, did you ever made your own bag pattern? What does make a bag to your favorite one?