There is a pocket


Look there is a pocket. That`s what I usually tell her, when I try to introduce a new dress, i hope she`s gonna like. This one was accepted. Lucky me.

A basic, well-fitting A-line dress, is everything you need to modify it to nearly ever dress you could imagine. I wasn`t that creative with this one. But still, I really like the outcome! My father gifted one of his shirts. As soon as i saw those stripes, i knew how it`s gonna look like. Playing around with stripes is a hobby, it`s just so much fun. The fabric is good quality cotton shirting, lightweight and airy. Perfect for a fast little summer dress. Thank you Dad!



I used the same pattern like here, drafted a new joke and used the cuffs of the original shirt as a belt. What gives the dress some shape around the waistline. The cuffs are already interfaced and i could even reuse the buttonhole and the button, they had just the right length. I love, when my planes work out that well.

The dress is easy to get on and off, as the back has a full button-planket (I didn`t have to sew myself).

And never forget to add a pocket, a dress wouldn`t be complete in her eyes!


Pattern: Patternhack from an A-line dress out of the Japanese sewing book, Sew for your Girls.

Fabric: Refashioned old Button-up.

Hairstyle: By her dad

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Soft Wrinkles


A new favorite dress. For both of us. That`s rare. Here it is. A simple A-Line Dress from the Japanese sewing book, Sew for your Girls. A loose fit, in a nice and soft linen from Miss Matatabi, with a functional button-placket and a sailor collar. Not to forget the pocket. And the magic happens.


All the fabrics in this picture are linen. Don`t you love, how linen looks so soft and wrinkles in the most beautiful way. I do.


The pattern is a size 3y without any modifications. It`s perfect and will fit for a longer time. The instructions are easy-to-follow and the pattern is very versatile. I already made a little hack which is coming to the blog soon. If you follow me on IG (@fliegfederfrei),  you previously got a sneak peek of my  upcycling dress.


The buttons were a gift I received from a good friend. A box full of vintage buttons. Can you get a better gift as a seamstress? I love to sew those buttons on my projects, it feels so special and reminds me of good times we shared. Thank you Marte!


Happy dance on mum`s bed.


Pattern: Sewing for your Girls (I received this book as a sponsoring for Parissewsocial last year from Tuttle)

Fabric: Linen from Miss Matatabi

Plain Pleats


I didn`t make so many pleats for just one garment before, I guess. But, it was worth the effort. The fabric source is an old scarf, I found at a flea market once. I felt in love with the colors and the soft linen. It was like made for the dress I had in mind.



I imagined a low waist dress, without a gathered skirt. So I just took the whole width of the scarf and pleated the bodice part. The pattern is self drafted. I pleated the fabric first, then I cut out the pattern pieces. That`s way easier than calculate all those pleats in the pattern.


I wanted to add tulip sleeves to one of my projects for a long time. I think it`s a good match with this dress.


I planned to attach pockets. Fabric was cut out and ready. I just forgot to sew them in. As I noticed my fault, I was too lazy to unpick the side seams, I left them out.


I love the plain and smooth look of this dress. I guess, it`s going to look even softer, when the linen crinkles after washing.

Upcycling an old button down to a baby suit


It`s summer, isn`t that wonderful? How I missed it. Today, my little bean, enjoyed playing with  the cold wather in her new suit. It`s made from an old button down, her grandmother didn`t use anymore. Upcycling old clothing, is a nice way for me to recycle fabric. It`s cheap and economical. And you can integrate details from the old piece, into the design of the new one. Like I did with the button facing.

The Pattern is self drafted. The neckline is made from a rectangle, I used the stripes as a guide for my pleating, super easy to do and it looks sweet.


To add some shape, I went for an elastic casing. In my eye`s it gives the suit some vintage feeling. For easy diaper chancing, I attached snaps, as I always do, there isn`t anything more practical.



The big red button, is a vintage one from my stash, a perfect match. I love it, when I`ve got exactly the right thing around. I don`t know, how is it about you, but I really need a creative chaos in my sewing space. I like it, to have all this inspiring stuff around me.


If you live around my line of latitude, enjoy the summer!


Gingham double gauze dress


Last sunday I found a very nice mans scarf at the flea market. It immediately jumped at my eyes, I just had to buy it. I knew from the first minute what I wanna do with it. Back home, I started sewing. The dress, which inspired me is sewn by Tasha from Glitter and Wit. I used my own pattern for the bodice. I`ve allready used it here. The skirt is a rectangle, I used the whole rest of the scarf, then I gathered the waistline.


The fabric is delicious! It`s a double gauze gingham, it`s so soft! I added some self made piping. I like the glamour it adds to the dress.


For the closure I attached some vintage sewing snaps. I sewed them on the lower flap, so they`re not visible from the outside. I love to shop at flea markets and secondhand shops, for vintage sewing stuff. You got special things, you would`t find anywhere else. And at least, you don`t pay much for it. I treasure such goodies!



ImageThere is always something new to discover in our garden. Oh, it`s so beautiful at the moment.


The gorgeous hoodscarf, is 100% Kashmir, it`s the softest you can imagine. We received it as a gift from a good Nepali Friend. Thanks again! It`s really something special!


The trolley was mine when I was in her age, my mum kept it for me. Isn`t it darling?


I`m trilled, how it turned out. It`s totally my style. Sweet, but not just sweet. You know what I mean?

Upcycled canvas tote bag

ImageFinally, I sewed for my boyfriend. It`s his birthday gift (from a year ago, oops). I just promised, to do it soon all the time. And then, when it comes to my rarely sewing time, I always found something else to do first. For my apology, it can be said that it was a year full of major chance, I became a mother, we got a baby dog and we moved to a house. Just to mention a few. Anyway, he got his tote. The pattern is drafted by me. I sewed it up after his requirements. He`s a photographer, so it`s necessary to have room for his camera (at least the small one for the daily use). And from time to time, his laptop, a book, something to eat, a separate place for his phone and some pens. That`s it.
And that, was a lot for me to think about. It`s my really first bag pattern. So it wasn`t a breeze for me to work it out. It`s made from an old military tent canvas. It`s nice to sew with it and it has a good wight for a project like this.

ImageThere are some big patch pockets in the front. So he can stuff something small in, without opening the whole bag. ImageIf he opens the bag, he got some extra space. The lining is in a contrasting bright yellow, so it`s easy to see the things inside.ImageHave a look inside. It`s quite roomy. I made a separate laptop pocket, it`s well feed so the laptop won`t broke. I added a little tag with my feather and a tiny heart. Everytime, when he opens his bag, he`ll be reminded that I love him. ImageImageThere is a secret pocket on the back, made for stuff like keys or money.ImageMy love is happy with his new bag. And until now, there aren`t any complaints. Whats about you, did you ever made your own bag pattern? What does make a bag to your favorite one?