Drape Drape Dress no 3


I sewed dress no 3 for my mum a few years ago. She wears it quite often. It`s a staple in her wardrobe. And every time she wear it, I`m reminded that i should make one for myself. She looks great in it by the way. Before we left on holiday the time has come. I was in need of a summer dress.


Winter has arrived in Switzerland and those sunny days already feel like ages ago. looking at those pictures I feel the travel bug! Take me back!


The Japanese Drape Drape book is probably one of my all time favorite sewingbooks. See here and here and here. That`s Dress no 3 out of the first book. I love that it`s made from just one patternpiece, like most of the design in this book.


I traced the pattern, back when I sewed this dress for my mum. She`s short and skinny. Normally, her clothes fit me, even if I`m much taller. So, there was this pattern already traced out. I could just start cutting my fabric. Of course, I was too lazy to trace the pattern again. For the next one, i need to lower the waistline by about 2 cm and add about 5 cm to the hem (cough, cough). I guess with two kids i`m to old for such a short skirt. I`ll wear that dress with tights.


The fabric is a beautiful silk knit. Very lightweight. It was a nightmare to sew. I needed something to stabilize the hemlines. Golden elastic. You have to go with what`s around, don`t you? This one, was just waiting for his big appearance. It`s my favorite detail on that dress.


Pattern: Drape Drape Dress no 3

Fabric: Silk knit bought locally

Plain Jane?


The Battle of the Stitches goes into a second round. This time i`m going to take part! Olu of Needle and Ted and Toya of Made by Toya, it`s a pleasure to sew with you!

This round is all about the color grey. We`re all grey lovers and if you think grey isn`t a real color, has something staid and sad about it, I hope that we can change your mind. The subtle charm of grey is like a perfect stage for every other color. Plain and simple as I like it.

Toya and Olu having their first appearance on their own blog today, so hop over and give them some love for their bravery!


Let`s talk about my dress. The Pattern is out of drape drape. My favorite sewing book. Maybe, you can remember this dress. Most of the designs arise out of a single pattern piece. The fabric is laid in gathers and tucks until it wraps nicely around the body. A real art, but easy to sew!


Fabric is Chalk from atelier Brunette. It`s a woven fabric and doesn`t stretch, so I had to pair it with a plain grey knit. The slackness of the fabric creates those beautiful loose drapes.


I do not fear anything while sewing but this dress reminded me that I definitely don`t like to insert an invisible zipper. I had to take it out about 5 times (seam ripper you`re such a good friend!), until… I could call it okay. It still isn`t as easy to close as it should be.


The design has a little train on the back skirt. While wearing it, I just wasn`t sure about it, and mostly if I`m not sure about something on a dress it makes me feel uncomfortable. So I just cut it off. I like it more this way!

I left the hem unfinished, my old problem of running short of fabric. I had to save those precious cm, to prevent me from wearing a skirt that would make me a little self-conscious.


That`s my contribution. What do you think? Is it a plain jane or would you sew or wear a grey dress yourself? Let me know.


Drape, tuck and gather


What`s first…? The idea, the fabric or the pattern? For me, that`s not always a straight path. Mostly, everything starts with an idea in my mind, find the perfect pattern and fabric for, is a second step. But this time, in the beginning there was this fabric. I purchased it maybe half a year ago. I just loved the colors, they dovetails nicely with my hair, I think. It`s a Nani Iro double gauze from Miss Matatabi. If you follow along, you may know, i`m a bit crazy about Nani Iro. Not for nothing, this is maybe the softest double gauze I ever owned. It drapes so nicely.


It had to be a flowing robe, nothing fitted. You may remember my drape drape dress. This was my inspiration. I just wanted a dress, mostly made from one piece of fabric. Loosely draped around my body. I spent a few hours in front of a mirror, just to tuck everything in place. I own a dress-form with my measurements, but it didn’t work. I had to learn, that the movement of the body is the factor that changes everything. So I worked with my own body. Putting the dress on and off, sitting half-naked in front of the sewing machine. Just because, it took me to much time to get dressed and undressed between all those fittings.


It was a lot of hand-sewing. You wan`t find a better fabric for that. There is just one visible seam on this dress… All the tucks and gathers are blind-stiched to the inner layer of the double gauze.


Here you have it, my new years dress, I`m not going to wear. We don`t celebrate. I`m going to work this evening like I do every year. Doesn`t matter, I don`t mind. There`ll be a few opportunities to wear this dress next year, sure.


I feel like a christmas tree in our garden…! Yes, it was f***ing cold. The whole photo shoot took about 1 minute. I just ran out, and Mr. Fliegfederfrei made a few pictures. And then back to the warm and cosy fire-place in the house. Happy new year you all!

Drape drape


I found some time for selfish sewing. There are a few projects on the pipeline at the moment. Gifts for sweet newborns, stuff for my little bean burger a small project for my little sister. Everything has to wait. I sewed myself a summer dress, it`s more a wistful story. But it felt good. It`s cold and rainy, it was a joy to sew this sunny day dress.


Do you know this fabulous book by Hisako Sato?


I already tried my hand on a few of his designs. And they`re all great. I love tucks, pleats and gathers. It`s so funny to drape a big piece of fabric in a totally different shape. I love, how his designs start to live, with the movement of the body.


I had my eye on this dress since the first view. I adore the low back and how the gathers playing with the shape of the hips. It`s a dress to live in. It`s so comfy.


The whole dress is one pattern piece. It`s genius. It`s inspiring!


The biasbinding is self-made and it`s sewn with my coverlook. Oh, I spent so much time seamripping, until I understood this machine. But know i`m so glad i`ve one!


I think, I would have become desperate, trying to sew this dress with the normal sewing machine.