Melon Dress


When I look at this dress, I have to think of a melon. It`s maybe the color and the shape. She looks good enough to eat in this dress.

A few days ago I came across this very lightweights solids in my local fabric store. They were in sale. So I just had to buy them. Even if I wasn`t totally sure about. I rarely sew with solids. But when I look at this dress. I have to chance this habitude!


It`s my first ever, bubble dress. the pattern is self drafted. It isn`t hard to do. And it gives such a nice finish, al seams are hidden inside the dress. I lined the whole dress with the orange fabric of the bodice. Since the fabric is so lightweight the dress is very airy. I think she`s totally comfortable in it.

At the moment, i`m totally in the mood of sewing summer cloths for my little bean. I went fabric shopping yesterday. I`ve got a few brand new fabrics in my stash now. Can`t wait to use them.

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10 thoughts on “Melon Dress

  1. Liebe Nina
    eine Melone für die süsse Bohne!
    Du hast das toll genäht und die Farbwahl ist wunderschön! Gratulations!
    in Liebe Mami

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