La dolce vita


We spent a few days in bella Italia. In Lucca, I found the casa del tessuti by F. Casini. A small fabric shop, with a nice selection of fine Italian fabrics. I bought this gorgeous wool. Finest merinowool fabricated in Italy. Lightweight with a nice drape, perfect for a summer dress.

Perfect for an other Inari (See my first version here).


I wore this dress for the whole day, before I managed to take a few pictures. It doesn`t crinkle! The quality is just amazing!


This necklace is handmade by an artist in Florence. I bought it in a small studio, where she sold her work. I would love to give her credit and mention her name. But unfortunately, I totally forgot to take her business card. I`m so in love with this collar. Grey with yellow. It`s like made for me.




I embroidered the dress with a few running-stitches. Just because the special fabric deserves this little effort.



Beautiful days always fly by.

11 thoughts on “La dolce vita

  1. Liebe Nina
    wundervolles Kleid mit schönen Details. Kette passt, genauso, wie die gelben Nähte. Gefällt mir sehr!
    Grüsse aus Bezau, wo das Leben gemächlich verläuft
    Mami und Papi

  2. I’ve been traveling in Italy for the past few weeks and have found the fabric to be incredibly unique and well-crafted! The dress you made looks perfect for a hot Italian day 🙂

    • i saw your in florence. near the dome is a fabricshop where i just felt like in fabric heaven. the owner let you touch everything shows you the most beautiful and special fabrics. sadly none of them where in my price range. but your right the selection in italy is unique.

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