My Maternity-Weddingdress


It`s nearly two months ago since our wedding. It was a very nice and positive day. As you can clearly see, i`m 38 weeks pregnant here. I didn`t have enough energy left for a big party at this time. We decided, to have a big party next year and enjoyed a very relaxed evening with our families in a good restaurant. It was just perfect. We loved it a lot!

In the last months of pregnancy I was so tired, i nearly bought a dress. Then i told a good friend about and she just told me what i needed to hear. “No, you can`t.” She said, “i`m sorry but of course you have to sew your own dress.” That was the hint, that got me back to my sewing machine. It felt like meeting a long missed friend. In the end, it was a big project and a lot of hours i spent sewing on this dress, but so worth it. Wearing my own dress on this special day, was necessary for me.


I used the gorgeous book Oui, Robes de mariée by Yukinori Morinaga. I received this book as a sponsorship for the Paris sew social in April 15. It`s from the beautiful shop La Teleria. She still has it in stock! Maria is a very sweet person and a very inspiring sewist you should check out her blog if you don`t already follow her!

Back to the book. I felt in love with the stunning pictures, which really highlight the designs. It`s for sure, the most beautiful sewing book I know! It didn`t even bother me that it`s writen in French. I knew if i`ll need a wedding dress once, it will be a dress out of this book!


I choose the basic dress nr. 2. It`s a empire style dress with a little tail. It`s easy to alter the pattern to a maternity version. I just needed some gathers and more fabric for the front skirt. A lot more fabric, my belly was impressive!


Of course a dress like that you don`t sew with a single layer of fabric. The bodice is boned (so I could wear it without a bra) and made of 4 layers (lining, silk organza, a heavier toile and silk). The Skirt is made out of 3 layers (lining i used a very nice silk cotton, a havier in between fabric to give it some weight and structure and the pretty grey silk i got in Paris). I nearly got crazy while hand-stitching the rolledhem of the silk skirt! Maybe it would have been a relaxing thing to do, but it was the evening before my wedding day. There really was no passion left for hours of hand-stitching. The dress includes a lot of hand-stitching actually, I wanted to do it the proper way.



To give the bodice a special touch, I added a golden lace fabric to go with it. That was probably the most expensive fabric i bought in my whole life. But, is there a better option to buy expensive fabric? I hand stitched the whole lace with golden tread so the seams become invisible. I haven`t done something like that before. You`ll have to be patient but it feels like you’re doing some haute couture. The wonderful mohair cardigan is knitted by my mum and it was the most beloved gift i got on this day! She spent a lot of hours knitting. That means a lot to me! Thank you mummy!


And here he is the love of my life. You mean everything to me!


Photos by Manuela Jans



18 thoughts on “My Maternity-Weddingdress

  1. Lovely, stunning, incredibly romantic and totally awesome. Well done, you would’ve been hard pressed to find something like that in a store. Even a wedding boutique. Truly amazing.

    • Thank you so much! You`re totally right, i wouldn`t have found a dress like that in store and it just feels different to wear your own dress! I felt good in it.

  2. What a lovelyl dress! A lot of work, but worth it. You looked beautiful and happy, both of you! The background is just perfect and it goes so well with your dress! Your tattoo is almost part of the dress, I actually thought it was some sort of design feature in the back. Many years of happiness to you and your wonderful family!

    • thank you so much for your nice words! it really worked fine with my tattoo. sadly it was way to cold to show it off. i just took of my cardi for thos pictures ;).

  3. Sehr, sehr beeindruckend – und dann auch noch perfekt von der Passform her – plus farblich auf die Haut abgestimmt. Glaube, besser geht nicht. Alles Gute für euch!

    • hallo bettina, ich hab das schnittmuster angepasst auf meine masse und musste zum glück nur ein muslin nähen. die seide hat wirklich wunderbar zu dem nebligen wetter gepasst! danke vielmals!

  4. Congratulations ! And what a gorgeous dress, it fits you so well and so much better than a commercial dress. This is just stunning and will be such a lovely memory to cherrish. Your choice of fabric is perfect. My very best and warmest wishes.

  5. The dress is AMAZING!!! I think you may be very proud of this project. If Bjorn even proposes me to marry him, I’ll make my own dress too! 😉 You and Boris look so beautiful together. Thanks again Nina for being my friend, for hosting us already several times,… Always welcome at my place! M x

    • hi marte, thank you. i’m kind of pround or at least i feelt really good in my dress! i can’t wait to see what dress you would sew for your wedding… i may give bjorn a little hint ;)! i’m so happy to call you my friend! 😘

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