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A princess seam dress isn`t something, you gonna sew for yourself while having a big baby bump, right? I really felt the urge, to sew the Louisa for Women, when it was released last fall. But don`t worry, I stayed down-to-earth and didin`t sew one for myself. Instead, it happened that my mum`s Birthday was just around that time… that`s how it came, that she has a Louisa by now. It was my Birthday present for her.


I initially planned to sew a winter version with 3/4 sleeves, but with summer just around the corner (you see how long it took me to finish this dress), I decided to skip them. The dress is fully lined in the same shade of the rosa like the flowers. Because it is a gift and should be something special, i went for all the nice (and time-consuming) finishing touches, everything is under-stitched, the hem is hand-sewn i added sideseam pockets and so on. I hope she`ll love this dress for a long time. I really loved to sew it, it`s beautifully drafted!


Mum picked the Naniiro, on the middle panel, out of my stash. The color, really suits her well, don`t you think? As you can`t patternmatch princess seams, I was worried the print will be really nervous splinted up by the seamlines. I suggested, to combine it with the beautiful Fuwari Naniiro. I love to touch this brushed cotton, it`s so soft, amazing to work with!


My mum has a small frame. I sewed a size 32 and still had to take in 1.5 cm at the sideseam around the bust. I shortened the dress about 8cm to her preferred length. No other changes were necessary. In my eyes, the fit is perfect. She seems to feel good in her new dress and i feel good every time she chooses to wear it.


To make you feel good, I`m going to Give-away one gorgeous Paperpattern of the Louisadress for women by Compagnie-M. Just leave me a nice Comment how you feel about sewing for loved ones. I`ll randomly choose a winner next Monday 20/6/16. International entries are very welcome!

Pattern: Louisadress for Women by Compagnie-M

Fabric: Naniiro brushed Cotton, purchased at Miss Matatabi.


27 thoughts on “Louisa + Giveaway

  1. This is beautiful. Your mum looks gorgeous-what a lovely present, you can see how happy she is with it. I enjoy sewing for others, be it bridesmaids’ dresses for my best friend’s wedding, baby clothes as gifts for new arrivals or clothes for my son & husband. My last make was a pair of Jedediah shorts for my husband. Would love to win the pattern- although I’m 6 months pregnant at the moment so it would have to wait until I have a waist again! 😆

    • Hihi, you face the same problem as i did. i really wanted to sew this pattern but there is no chance to make it work as a maternity piece. You`ll have to wait or… sew it for someone else :)! Best wishes for your pregnancy!

  2. Wow the print combination look great together and it suits your mom really well 🙂 Unfortunately, I still don’t have the confidence to tackle something fitted for a loved one, so the only thing I’ve made is a little drawstring bag for my boyfriend. Maybe one day!

    • When i started to sew more serious, one of my first projects i jumped on was a coat for my mum… she had to bring it to the tailor to get a detail on the hem done but the rest was good enough… she still wears it for time to time! measure well, sew a muslin and then just go for it without fear!!!

  3. Oh, I love the dress, and the fact you have sewn her something. I’m not there yet. Sewing for my children, yes. But sewing for adults is something I’m still afraid of. BUT one day, I hope to sew a dress for my mom too. It would be a precious gift, and I believe she’d really appreciate it.

    • Yes you`re right it`s a precious gift because you spend a lot of time until it`s done. but your mum won`t judge your handmade dress, and will appreciate your work for sure!… so just be fearless and go for it! it`s fun to sew for loved ones!

  4. So far I’ve only sewed for my 3yo daughter, who says “Thank You” and gives me a big hug whenever she wears something I’ve made… long may that last! 🙂 Would love to ring the pattern

  5. What a beautiful dress ! I love sewing,for my daughters. At the age of 18 and 20 they are still discovering their own style so it is fun to choose fabric and patterns together. I have sewn a few shirts for my husband too and it’s always nice to see him wearing them.

    • Oh how nice that your girls see the benefit of a mum who knows to sew! it must be a lot of fun to sew for them and help to raise and discover their styles!

  6. That looks great! Such a pretty dress! I love sewing for loved ones. My daughter will proudly tell that ‘my mommy made that’ whenever someone compliments her on her clothes. So sweet! And both my kids are happy when i make something for them. My mother in law will wear things that i made for her, whenever i see her. I think that’s a way to show your appreciation, right? 🙂

  7. Good choice of fabric for this dress, I love it (and would sew the summer version ^^), i’m triing to got the pattern, good chance for all the semer

  8. Just found your blog through your Inari dress. This is a lovely dress for your Mum, I’ve only sewed for my husband and my daughter who’s a standard 36 size with broader shoulders, so not many fitting issues, her friends are so jealous! It’s a fabulous feeeling when someone else appreciates your efforts.

    • Oh perfect if the dresses fit staight out of the envelope, i love that! Your right its a very good feeling if someone appreciate your efforts going into a handmade garment!

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