Mr. Fliegfederfrei, normally the man behind the camera, will make his appearance to the blog more often! I`ve a new goal. Call me insane, but I decided not just to sew for my two girls and build my own wardrobe… nope, i`ll start to sew his stock of clothes as well. Mad, isn`t it?


Look at my handsome man. I just love to see him wearing my handmade stuff. It`s like a declaration of his love every single time he wears them. And of course, I can make him clothes that actually fit his athletic tall figure. Win win.




When it comes to menswear I`m a big fan of Thread Theory. If you follow my blog, you probably now that by the time (see more here and here)! They offer great contemporary but still classic silhouettes, that fits an athletic figure. The Jedediah Pants are a slime cut. Slimmer, than i expected them to be. I did`t sew a muslin (i never learn out of my fails) and my first pair were to small around the waistband. By about 5 cm to small (cough cough). Oh, how i hate when that happens! Surprisingly, it was a fast fix! I just replaced the waistband by a bigger one and we were so pleased with the fit. I called it a more than wearable muslin and sewed the next one the same size again just with a bigger waistband.

kurze_hosen__001Those Pants are really beautiful from the inside as well, by the way. I love how they`re finished! The Bias-binding adds a nice touch to the casually rolled-up hem. Both of them are Linen fabrics I bought locally. He loves to wear linen in summer, can`t blame him it`s the perfect fabric for hot days! For the chilly days to come he needs a coat. Woho!


9 thoughts on “Mr.Fliegfederfrei

  1. This is so inspiring! Mr As it Seams is definitely the one who needs clothes most in our house. The thing with men’s clothes though is they need to be ‘Just exactly right’…. there’s no cutting corners – I’d love to try to follow your example!

    • just give it a go! rtw isn`t exactly right for most mens as well. Your sewing will be better! And of course he loves you, he`ll wear it even if there is a little cutting corner 😉

  2. Wooow!! So happy to see someone who also likes a challenge! I also include my man in my makes. It makes me so happy to see him wearing what I made for him! This would be my third year sewing for my man and he had enough clothes to go through the long Mediterranean summer in hand made everyday. Now I just have to get him on the blog, ;).
    As for patterns, I also like Thread Theory, there is not much to choose from elsewhere. Are you trying their pea coat? I was considering to make it in a thin fabric, as cold weather here is not that cold and only goes for a couple of weeks really.

    • Oh Miren, that sounds so great! I would love to follow your menswear sewing adventure! You really have to get your man on the blog! For Mr. Fliegfederfrei it`s a must in excange for a nice garment i made him hihi. About the patterns, you`re right there isn`t that much to choose from. Thread theory, collette, burda… not much more comes to my mind. I`ll not go for the Pea Coat because he don`t like it. I ordered a Japanese Sewing Book with some Coats and hope that i`ll find one which shape he likes… so i just have to alter details like collar, pockets and so on. I`m a bit afraid of the time it would take me to draft it myself… and even more of all the muslin sewing that would ask for haha. wish me luck! I would love to see your Pea coat! It`s for sure beautiful in a thiner fabric as well!

  3. Those shorts are great! You’ve inspired me, I might have to try a pair for my husband…he’s always feeling left out since I very rarely make him much…I don’t know if he would be as happy as your husband to be on my blog though, haha 🙂

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