Drape, tuck and gather


What`s first…? The idea, the fabric or the pattern? For me, that`s not always a straight path. Mostly, everything starts with an idea in my mind, find the perfect pattern and fabric for, is a second step. But this time, in the beginning there was this fabric. I purchased it maybe half a year ago. I just loved the colors, they dovetails nicely with my hair, I think. It`s a Nani Iro double gauze from Miss Matatabi. If you follow along, you may know, i`m a bit crazy about Nani Iro. Not for nothing, this is maybe the softest double gauze I ever owned. It drapes so nicely.


It had to be a flowing robe, nothing fitted. You may remember my drape drape dress. This was my inspiration. I just wanted a dress, mostly made from one piece of fabric. Loosely draped around my body. I spent a few hours in front of a mirror, just to tuck everything in place. I own a dress-form with my measurements, but it didn’t work. I had to learn, that the movement of the body is the factor that changes everything. So I worked with my own body. Putting the dress on and off, sitting half-naked in front of the sewing machine. Just because, it took me to much time to get dressed and undressed between all those fittings.


It was a lot of hand-sewing. You wan`t find a better fabric for that. There is just one visible seam on this dress… All the tucks and gathers are blind-stiched to the inner layer of the double gauze.


Here you have it, my new years dress, I`m not going to wear. We don`t celebrate. I`m going to work this evening like I do every year. Doesn`t matter, I don`t mind. There`ll be a few opportunities to wear this dress next year, sure.


I feel like a christmas tree in our garden…! Yes, it was f***ing cold. The whole photo shoot took about 1 minute. I just ran out, and Mr. Fliegfederfrei made a few pictures. And then back to the warm and cosy fire-place in the house. Happy new year you all!

10 thoughts on “Drape, tuck and gather

  1. Wirklich nur eine Minute? Spass beiseite, die Bilder sind schön und das Kleid noch schöner. Die Farben, zusammen mit dem Schnee, wunderschön. Heb di warm!
    Gruss Mami

  2. Love the dress!! And recognice the way of sewing you did, a funny story ; ) (I also do the sort of sewing when I make something for myself) And the photos: Funny, crazy, hilarious!

    • hey, thank you for your nice words! it really is a nice way of sewing ;). good to know that i’m not the only one ;). hope you started well into the new year…!

      • O yes, I made a skirt for myself whit the same method ; ) And … I made the scarve thanks to the inspiration you’ve gave me!

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