Ready to… wear?


When I felt in love with the Lotta dress by Compagnie-M, my little bean was much to small for a size 1Y. But, that`s exactly where the size range starts. As I`m not a very rational being, i couldn`t wait until she`ll be big enough. And of course, I was much to lazy to size it down. I just sewed the smallest size, prepared to wait more than half a year until she`ll be able to wear it, actually. Kind of silly, I know.


I seems like she`s rather small, I thought, that she could probably wear it on her first birthday. But nope. I had to wait, until she was 16 months old. Every time, when I opened her closed I saw this nice dress. I don`t know how many times she had to try it on, just to put it back on the hanger for an other month.



She doesn`t understand, what`s the meaning of the pockets. Nonetheless, they`re seem to be funny.


I can`t remember why I went for the button closure (that`s just one of three options). It looks nice on the hanger. But when she`s wearing it, I do not really like the look. Do you see what I mean? Next time, I would install a zipper for sure!


The dress is lined with silk. It`s so soft, it feels good on the skin. Silk is such a beautiful material, it`s like water to sew with.


Oh, I nearly forgot to introduce you to Rosalie, the co-star in this shooting. It was her first stuffed friend (and is still her only one), she`s much loved!

Julia`s Secret


I had the chance to test an other Compagnie M Pattern, the Julia sweater. It seems like i make it to a habit, to test her patterns. But, it`s just because they`re truly great. I always find a way, to make them my own. You probably saw a few Julia`s by now. Then you`ll notice, mine is a bit different. Not a big thing. I just changed the back piece to a low-backed one. It gives the sweater an entirely different look.

You can find a small tutorial on the end of the post.


That`s julias Secret, it`s a versatile pattern who can change his appearance easily. I wan`t go into all the various options. Marte showed all her gorgeous version during the last week. Just have a look and you`ll get an idea!




In the front, it`s a basic dolman sleeved sweater. Truly one to live in. I didn`t pull it off since I finished it. That speaks for itself! And that`s why… I had to sew a second one.


In a very wonderful quilted knit fabric I found at Miss Matatabi (yes, I do shop there a lot).


You may ask about the yellow stripes. It`s kind of a flat piping. I just cut a strip of yellow knit fabric, press it in half and sew it into the seam. Exactly, as you would do it with a piping. I think there is a special serger foot to do so, i do it without. No big deal. But if you ask me, a very cool detail.


You would like to give it a go?

Here is my how to… it`s quite easy! I`ll give you a view on my altered back-pattern piece.


You just measure down the fold on the center back, until your taille. Draft a new neckline with the help of a curved lineal. Start at the shoulder seam head down until your taille high on the center back. Easy as pie. You could even draw it free hand. Just be sure to draft it on fold. You want it to be exactly symmetrical on both sides. If you think that you don`t feel comfortable without wearing a bra, you can draft your new neckline just as deep, so it will still cover it. Be creative!


To finish the raw edge I attached a self-made double folded knit-band. I do that with my coverlook (great to have!). You can do it your prefered way, everything works. Because the sweater has a loose silhouette, I attached a knit-strap on the shoulder seam, to hold the sweater in place.

You can get your Julia here.


Charles is a princess


Charles is cool, Charles is versatile and Charles is female (in this case). And, the best thing is, Charles is on offer. Compagnie M did it again. An other great pattern of Marte is going to steal our hearts.

Pants, shorts or maybe dungarees? Suitable for a little prince or a princess? Everything is possible with just one pattern. Looks like a lot of sewing-fun? I can tell you, it is! The instructions are clear and the pattern comes in a big size range.


Charles_Fliegfederfrei_007You probably already know, there was a second test necessary. This one is my first test. So the final pattern is a bit different. I made some loose fit dungarees-shorts. This option, is not included anymore. For my 1-year-old with the diaper packed back is it not that bad. I like it.Charles_Fliegfederfrei_011

Marte recommended not to use the most expensive fabric as the pattern was in the testing phase. The perfect occasion, to upcycle an outworn pair of jeans, you can never know. The striped fabric was a scrap from my stash. I like the contrast, id adds some interest to the grey jeans fabric.


The whole lining piece is striped. A little hidden treasure. The inside looks clean and as you would expect it from a Compagnie M pattern, nicely finished.

What can I say. I loved that pattern so much (There must be a weak point in my heart when it comes to overalls). I had to sew up a second version. I wan`t bother you with more details. Just enjoy the pictures.

As I already mentioned. Charles is versatile. So Charles can be a sailor as well.



At the moment, her walk remember me on a drunken sailor on shore leave. She`s the cutest little girl.


Haha that did she hear.

Back to the pattern. This time, the fit is spot on. I just had to shorten the pants length by a few cm. My girl doesn`t already have 80 cm. When I look at her I can`t believe how much she has grown the past year. My tiny baby. And as I didn`t want to waste the fabric. I just used it, to sew up some cuffs. A fast way for finishing the hem and such a cute little detail when you ask me.


Do you feel like give it a try? During the pattern tour, you can get a 10% discount just use the code charles-launch.

Thanks for having me Marte.

Smoky Cherry Blossom

Mara2-5I sewed a second mara. Actually, it`s the first attempt. When I knew, I could participate in the big Mara Blog Action, I had to try out this pattern immediately. And because I always have to add my personal touch, I made a few changes. Instead of the pleating detail the pattern calls for I just gathered the front part on the bottom of the yoke. In the end, I wasn`t that into it. It`s more like a babydoll blouse now. It`s not fitted the same way around the chest, as it normally would. So I gave it an other go and sewed up my mara dress.



I attached a visible zipper in the back. A cute little detail and it makes dressing so easy and stressless. That`s why I didn`t need an opening in the front yoke. I made a honeycomb smoke. You can find a nice tutorial for this technique here. It looks complicated, but it`s quite easy to do! Just a bit time-consuming. The fabric I used for the yoke is a gorgeous vintage chiffon from my stash. Last but not least, the capsleeves. They`re also a personal addition.

Mara2-2Mara2-1She loves when something is moving, because she blows at it. Such a funny game. Even if it`s not that perfect, I like this mara as well. And my little princess is looking cute in nearly every creation. She saves my skin.

Lucy Dress

Lucy-5My little one is not really in need of more summer dresses. But, Marte from Compagnie M just launched her new pattern, the Lucy dress. I couldn`t overcome the temptation to buy it. Martes pattern are made with a lot of care to details. They`re easy to follow, as she guides you  trough every step. With her helpful tips and tricks I was able to shirr this dress perfectly. Last time I tried to shirr, it didn`t look that clean I can tell you.

Lucy-1It`s a perfect summer basic. The pattern comes with a top, dress and a skirt option. You got 3 different strap options to choose. Sounds like endless shirring fun, doesn`t it?

I added some ruffles to the basic strap. That`s the only chance, I made to the pattern.

I sewed up a size 1Y for my tall 10 Month old. It fits her well. The dress is really comfy. She played in it the whole afternoon. Lucy-4

Lucy-3So, if you would like to try it yourself, just hop over to Compagnie M`s Shop and grab your copie.