Dad`s button down


My dad, donated his old button down. He wasn`t just happy about the deal. He expressly underlined that he still wears this, at least once a year. But, hey dad, look at that. Isn`t it darling? I think he`ll be pleased with the new utilization.


I like it from the back view. I went for ruffles. If you know me better, you`re conscious that, it isn`t really my thing. But, when it comes to ruffles, I like them big. Because baby`s skin is so sensitive, I needed something to cover up her shoulders. And it adds an extra pop of color.

The straps are ending in a bow, looks special, but it`s so easy to do!


Because I love to refashion old stuff and I think it is important to go easy on resources. I wanna show you, how to do it yourself. It`s quite easy. And it`s simple to make it your own. ImageImage

I think everybody has a disused shirt. It`s so fun to reanimate it for your little one.

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