There is a pocket


Look there is a pocket. That`s what I usually tell her, when I try to introduce a new dress, i hope she`s gonna like. This one was accepted. Lucky me.

A basic, well-fitting A-line dress, is everything you need to modify it to nearly ever dress you could imagine. I wasn`t that creative with this one. But still, I really like the outcome! My father gifted one of his shirts. As soon as i saw those stripes, i knew how it`s gonna look like. Playing around with stripes is a hobby, it`s just so much fun. The fabric is good quality cotton shirting, lightweight and airy. Perfect for a fast little summer dress. Thank you Dad!



I used the same pattern like here, drafted a new joke and used the cuffs of the original shirt as a belt. What gives the dress some shape around the waistline. The cuffs are already interfaced and i could even reuse the buttonhole and the button, they had just the right length. I love, when my planes work out that well.

The dress is easy to get on and off, as the back has a full button-planket (I didn`t have to sew myself).

And never forget to add a pocket, a dress wouldn`t be complete in her eyes!


Pattern: Patternhack from an A-line dress out of the Japanese sewing book, Sew for your Girls.

Fabric: Refashioned old Button-up.

Hairstyle: By her dad

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Dad`s button down


My dad, donated his old button down. He wasn`t just happy about the deal. He expressly underlined that he still wears this, at least once a year. But, hey dad, look at that. Isn`t it darling? I think he`ll be pleased with the new utilization.


I like it from the back view. I went for ruffles. If you know me better, you`re conscious that, it isn`t really my thing. But, when it comes to ruffles, I like them big. Because baby`s skin is so sensitive, I needed something to cover up her shoulders. And it adds an extra pop of color.

The straps are ending in a bow, looks special, but it`s so easy to do!


Because I love to refashion old stuff and I think it is important to go easy on resources. I wanna show you, how to do it yourself. It`s quite easy. And it`s simple to make it your own. ImageImage

I think everybody has a disused shirt. It`s so fun to reanimate it for your little one.

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So let`s go! Here comes the tutorial Continue reading

Upcycling an old button down to a baby suit


It`s summer, isn`t that wonderful? How I missed it. Today, my little bean, enjoyed playing with  the cold wather in her new suit. It`s made from an old button down, her grandmother didn`t use anymore. Upcycling old clothing, is a nice way for me to recycle fabric. It`s cheap and economical. And you can integrate details from the old piece, into the design of the new one. Like I did with the button facing.

The Pattern is self drafted. The neckline is made from a rectangle, I used the stripes as a guide for my pleating, super easy to do and it looks sweet.


To add some shape, I went for an elastic casing. In my eye`s it gives the suit some vintage feeling. For easy diaper chancing, I attached snaps, as I always do, there isn`t anything more practical.



The big red button, is a vintage one from my stash, a perfect match. I love it, when I`ve got exactly the right thing around. I don`t know, how is it about you, but I really need a creative chaos in my sewing space. I like it, to have all this inspiring stuff around me.


If you live around my line of latitude, enjoy the summer!