Hanami Flip

Hanami_Pulli_001That`s my kcw project nr. 2. Better late than never.

And this is probably the first picture of our fourth family member on this blog. Isn`t she darling? My little girl really love her `big sister`. We had so much fun taking this pictures.


But back to the sewing. The sweater it`s made by the Hanami Pattern from An of Straight Grain. It`s a little flip. The original version of the Hanami top has a crossed back option. I altered the pattern, so this sweet little detail appears on the front now. The long sleeves are also a personal addition. I`m really happy with the fit of this versatile pattern. I`ve already made a classic one, have a look here. And an other flip i`m going to blog about the next days.

The fabric I used is simply apples by Hamburger Liebe. It`s so soft and nice. I had it in my stash like forever. Just didn`t know what to do with it. It`s such a strong print. But I think that fabric was just waiting for this project.


Of course, she had to try this gross bone in the end. At least the part who wasn`t already processed by our dog.


Hamburger Liebe

ImageOh, how I love rompers. It`s a little obsessively. A baby in a romper, ins`t that darling? I`m allways kind of melting away. So that`s why you probably gonna see a lot of rompers around here. Until my girl can refuse to wear one. Today I would like to show you the Hamburger Liebe romper, I made as a gift for a sweet little baby girl, who has just the same age as my little bean. But before I gifted it away I had to take some pictures of it. I`m in love with the fabric. It`s so colorful and the quality is really nice too. And I heard, the new collection is just released these days. Can`t wait until the fabric arrives in my local store.

ImageThe pattern is self drafted, and it pleases me. So i`m thinking about to write a tutorial and maybe a free pattern the next days. Would you like that?


ImageA close view on the front bodice. I added some piping for an extra pop of color. Not really necessary when you look at the print. But anyway I like it. ImageAnd the back. I`m thrilled how this closure came out. It happened by accident. I forgot to add seam allowance. So what to do, this was the best idea, that came into my mind. And what should i say. It wouldn`t be the same without. I kind of like sewing accidents. I always have to scretch my head about it, but mostly, after all, something creative comes into being.

ImageThat`s how it looks from the inside. I`m currently in love with finishing of leg openings with bias tape. Here I made a casing for the elastic, looks clean from the inside, doesn`t it?

ImageA happy baby.