Drape drape


I found some time for selfish sewing. There are a few projects on the pipeline at the moment. Gifts for sweet newborns, stuff for my little bean burger a small project for my little sister. Everything has to wait. I sewed myself a summer dress, it`s more a wistful story. But it felt good. It`s cold and rainy, it was a joy to sew this sunny day dress.


Do you know this fabulous book by Hisako Sato?


I already tried my hand on a few of his designs. And they`re all great. I love tucks, pleats and gathers. It`s so funny to drape a big piece of fabric in a totally different shape. I love, how his designs start to live, with the movement of the body.


I had my eye on this dress since the first view. I adore the low back and how the gathers playing with the shape of the hips. It`s a dress to live in. It`s so comfy.


The whole dress is one pattern piece. It`s genius. It`s inspiring!


The biasbinding is self-made and it`s sewn with my coverlook. Oh, I spent so much time seamripping, until I understood this machine. But know i`m so glad i`ve one!


I think, I would have become desperate, trying to sew this dress with the normal sewing machine.




Saudade for Summer


Actually, I wanted to use all the nani IRO in my stash for myself. A lot of selfish sewing. I was rather counting on that. But I rarely sew for myself and this fabric seamed to be just the perfect choice for this little dress. Anyway, the piece I purchased from Miss Matatabi was so small, it was exactly enough for this project. I don`t need to justify myself. I have to make a little effort, one of the next project`s will be just for me. I`ll try hard, but don`t quote me on that.


The pattern I used is the new Saudade dress by Straight Grain. Saudade is Portuguese for feelings of nostalgia and melancholy. That fits perfectly as i`m longing for summer. The pattern is for free and it`s made with the same care as you would expect it from a Straight Grain pattern. An, tried a new form of tutorial, it`s made with illustrations rather than with pictures. I like that! It looks much cleaner and it`s easier to understand. How do you feel about that? Do you prefer pictures or illustrations?


The fabric is Nani Iro Mountain view from Miss Matatabi. I can warmly recommend her shop. Nani Iro is so soft and cloud like as just double gauze can be. It`s gorgeous. I`m totally into it!

Mountain-View_005Mountain-View_007The straps are made from zpagetti, i`ve woven a herringbone plait.


I love this dress. Sadly, she can`t wear it without anything underneath. This summer is unusual cold and rainy. I mean, we don`t expect a lot from summer here, in switzerland. But I can`t remember a year that worse. I hope at least to get a few sunny days before the season ends. That would be nice. On the positive side, in this case, my little bean burger would have enough summer dresses to wear. I can`t stop myself sewing sweet little dresses and dreaming of warm and sunny days.


Smoky Cherry Blossom

Mara2-5I sewed a second mara. Actually, it`s the first attempt. When I knew, I could participate in the big Mara Blog Action, I had to try out this pattern immediately. And because I always have to add my personal touch, I made a few changes. Instead of the pleating detail the pattern calls for I just gathered the front part on the bottom of the yoke. In the end, I wasn`t that into it. It`s more like a babydoll blouse now. It`s not fitted the same way around the chest, as it normally would. So I gave it an other go and sewed up my mara dress.



I attached a visible zipper in the back. A cute little detail and it makes dressing so easy and stressless. That`s why I didn`t need an opening in the front yoke. I made a honeycomb smoke. You can find a nice tutorial for this technique here. It looks complicated, but it`s quite easy to do! Just a bit time-consuming. The fabric I used for the yoke is a gorgeous vintage chiffon from my stash. Last but not least, the capsleeves. They`re also a personal addition.

Mara2-2Mara2-1She loves when something is moving, because she blows at it. Such a funny game. Even if it`s not that perfect, I like this mara as well. And my little princess is looking cute in nearly every creation. She saves my skin.

Reversible wrap vest

Hanami_Weste_003This cute wrap vest was an other make of kids clothes week, I didn`t find the time to blog about during the week. It`s also a pattern hack of the Hanami dress by Straight Grain.

Hanami_Weste_001 The nice print is from michael miller. And lucky me, I found just the perfect shade of blue in my stash, to suit the tinny dots in the print. I don`t know why, I didn`t take some pictures of the reverse side.


It`s such a convenient piece of clothing. It already got a lot of use. I like the colors. And it`s perfect for cooler summer evenings. It`s warm around the waist because of the two layers. It`s suitable over a dress or just a tee or even over a onesies. It makes every outfit looking so darling. Don`t you think?

If you`re looking for a free pattern like this one, have a look at Craftiness is not optional. I`ve been inspired by, but my printer was out-of-order. Therefor, I had to do it myself.