Charles is a princess


Charles is cool, Charles is versatile and Charles is female (in this case). And, the best thing is, Charles is on offer. Compagnie M did it again. An other great pattern of Marte is going to steal our hearts.

Pants, shorts or maybe dungarees? Suitable for a little prince or a princess? Everything is possible with just one pattern. Looks like a lot of sewing-fun? I can tell you, it is! The instructions are clear and the pattern comes in a big size range.


Charles_Fliegfederfrei_007You probably already know, there was a second test necessary. This one is my first test. So the final pattern is a bit different. I made some loose fit dungarees-shorts. This option, is not included anymore. For my 1-year-old with the diaper packed back is it not that bad. I like it.Charles_Fliegfederfrei_011

Marte recommended not to use the most expensive fabric as the pattern was in the testing phase. The perfect occasion, to upcycle an outworn pair of jeans, you can never know. The striped fabric was a scrap from my stash. I like the contrast, id adds some interest to the grey jeans fabric.


The whole lining piece is striped. A little hidden treasure. The inside looks clean and as you would expect it from a Compagnie M pattern, nicely finished.

What can I say. I loved that pattern so much (There must be a weak point in my heart when it comes to overalls). I had to sew up a second version. I wan`t bother you with more details. Just enjoy the pictures.

As I already mentioned. Charles is versatile. So Charles can be a sailor as well.



At the moment, her walk remember me on a drunken sailor on shore leave. She`s the cutest little girl.


Haha that did she hear.

Back to the pattern. This time, the fit is spot on. I just had to shorten the pants length by a few cm. My girl doesn`t already have 80 cm. When I look at her I can`t believe how much she has grown the past year. My tiny baby. And as I didn`t want to waste the fabric. I just used it, to sew up some cuffs. A fast way for finishing the hem and such a cute little detail when you ask me.


Do you feel like give it a try? During the pattern tour, you can get a 10% discount just use the code charles-launch.

Thanks for having me Marte.

Baby shoes Mania


I`m totally into baby shoes sewing. My girl just takes her first steps. The perfect occasion, to make her a whole collection of sweet little leather shoes. It`s such a satisfying project, you just need a few scraps of leather and a short nap time of your little one, to sew a paire of this beauty’s.


As i`m used to wear Doc Martens, it seems obvious to sew some Docs for her as well. With a soft sole of course. I adore them. She loves them too, but not that much for walking in it.


She spends a lot of time opening the shoestrings.



Do you know the Tigerfinkli? Here in Switzerland, they were very popular when I was a child. It`s a timeless design.

The print is drawn by a sharpie. It didn`t go as fast as I thought it would. As always when i`m crafty.



I just can`t stop… Maybe I should launch a baby shoe pattern. That would be a dream. Would you guys be interested?

Drape drape


I found some time for selfish sewing. There are a few projects on the pipeline at the moment. Gifts for sweet newborns, stuff for my little bean burger a small project for my little sister. Everything has to wait. I sewed myself a summer dress, it`s more a wistful story. But it felt good. It`s cold and rainy, it was a joy to sew this sunny day dress.


Do you know this fabulous book by Hisako Sato?


I already tried my hand on a few of his designs. And they`re all great. I love tucks, pleats and gathers. It`s so funny to drape a big piece of fabric in a totally different shape. I love, how his designs start to live, with the movement of the body.


I had my eye on this dress since the first view. I adore the low back and how the gathers playing with the shape of the hips. It`s a dress to live in. It`s so comfy.


The whole dress is one pattern piece. It`s genius. It`s inspiring!


The biasbinding is self-made and it`s sewn with my coverlook. Oh, I spent so much time seamripping, until I understood this machine. But know i`m so glad i`ve one!


I think, I would have become desperate, trying to sew this dress with the normal sewing machine.




Saudade for Summer


Actually, I wanted to use all the nani IRO in my stash for myself. A lot of selfish sewing. I was rather counting on that. But I rarely sew for myself and this fabric seamed to be just the perfect choice for this little dress. Anyway, the piece I purchased from Miss Matatabi was so small, it was exactly enough for this project. I don`t need to justify myself. I have to make a little effort, one of the next project`s will be just for me. I`ll try hard, but don`t quote me on that.


The pattern I used is the new Saudade dress by Straight Grain. Saudade is Portuguese for feelings of nostalgia and melancholy. That fits perfectly as i`m longing for summer. The pattern is for free and it`s made with the same care as you would expect it from a Straight Grain pattern. An, tried a new form of tutorial, it`s made with illustrations rather than with pictures. I like that! It looks much cleaner and it`s easier to understand. How do you feel about that? Do you prefer pictures or illustrations?


The fabric is Nani Iro Mountain view from Miss Matatabi. I can warmly recommend her shop. Nani Iro is so soft and cloud like as just double gauze can be. It`s gorgeous. I`m totally into it!

Mountain-View_005Mountain-View_007The straps are made from zpagetti, i`ve woven a herringbone plait.


I love this dress. Sadly, she can`t wear it without anything underneath. This summer is unusual cold and rainy. I mean, we don`t expect a lot from summer here, in switzerland. But I can`t remember a year that worse. I hope at least to get a few sunny days before the season ends. That would be nice. On the positive side, in this case, my little bean burger would have enough summer dresses to wear. I can`t stop myself sewing sweet little dresses and dreaming of warm and sunny days.


Smoky Cherry Blossom

Mara2-5I sewed a second mara. Actually, it`s the first attempt. When I knew, I could participate in the big Mara Blog Action, I had to try out this pattern immediately. And because I always have to add my personal touch, I made a few changes. Instead of the pleating detail the pattern calls for I just gathered the front part on the bottom of the yoke. In the end, I wasn`t that into it. It`s more like a babydoll blouse now. It`s not fitted the same way around the chest, as it normally would. So I gave it an other go and sewed up my mara dress.



I attached a visible zipper in the back. A cute little detail and it makes dressing so easy and stressless. That`s why I didn`t need an opening in the front yoke. I made a honeycomb smoke. You can find a nice tutorial for this technique here. It looks complicated, but it`s quite easy to do! Just a bit time-consuming. The fabric I used for the yoke is a gorgeous vintage chiffon from my stash. Last but not least, the capsleeves. They`re also a personal addition.

Mara2-2Mara2-1She loves when something is moving, because she blows at it. Such a funny game. Even if it`s not that perfect, I like this mara as well. And my little princess is looking cute in nearly every creation. She saves my skin.