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It’s KCW again. And I`m going to participate, for the first time. The last two days, I managed to sew at least an hour a day. Mostly during my little beans nap time. I`m going to use this week, to sew up the useful stuff my little one is in need of. The kind of things always have to stand back behind the sweet little dresses. But it`s not less fun. I hope that I`ll have the time to take a few pic`s later, to show you what i did so far. Be sure to check out all the cool creations popping up all over.. have a look to the KCW Blog.


Lucy Dress

Lucy-5My little one is not really in need of more summer dresses. But, Marte from Compagnie M just launched her new pattern, the Lucy dress. I couldn`t overcome the temptation to buy it. Martes pattern are made with a lot of care to details. They`re easy to follow, as she guides you  trough every step. With her helpful tips and tricks I was able to shirr this dress perfectly. Last time I tried to shirr, it didn`t look that clean I can tell you.

Lucy-1It`s a perfect summer basic. The pattern comes with a top, dress and a skirt option. You got 3 different strap options to choose. Sounds like endless shirring fun, doesn`t it?

I added some ruffles to the basic strap. That`s the only chance, I made to the pattern.

I sewed up a size 1Y for my tall 10 Month old. It fits her well. The dress is really comfy. She played in it the whole afternoon. Lucy-4

Lucy-3So, if you would like to try it yourself, just hop over to Compagnie M`s Shop and grab your copie.

Nani IRO Love

Gingham_Nina_01 I`m in love. It seems to be serious. I`m totally into nani IRO. I`ve been inspired by the nani IRO month, going on during may, over at Miss Matatabi. I had to try it myself. I mean, everyone in blogland seems to be excited about this fabric. After such a long time, just looking at all this beautiful creations, I finally had the chance to sew with it myself. I can tell you, it`s one of the most amazing fabrics, I ever sewed with. I`m going to be addicted! It`s painting check bought at Miss Matatabis. Frances is a very nice lady, she really cares about costumers. Shipping was fast and the parcel was so cute. She even wrote a personal little card. I felt welcome!


The dress is self-drafted. The bodice is inspired by a dress my little sister owns. Don`t know where she bought it. The skirt is a gathered rectangle, mostly because, I wanted to use the whole fabric. You wan`t believe me, I sewed this dress with just one meter. Gingham_Nina_02The back bodice is a transparent black fabric. You can`t see that so well on the pictures. And there is a little bow around the waist. So the gathered skirt doesn`t add to much bulk around the hip.

Gingham_Nina_03I like my new dress. It`s so soft and the fabric is so special. Even if it`s not perfectly fitted. I should have made a muslin first. Seriously! My sewing time is so rare at the moment. I didn`t want to “waste” my time, sewing up a muslin. In the end, I think, I would have saved a lot of time, spent with my good friend the seam ripper and in front of the mirror adjusting the fit. Lesson learned.


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Baptism Dress for a Boy


No, I don`t have a baby boy. And as I`m not religious, it`s neither my celebration. It`s for a very close friend of mine. Her baby boy, is going to have his christening ceremony the coming weekend. She just couldn`t find the right dress for him, in the end she asked me, if I would sew one for him. And of course, I just jumped at the occasion. For her and her family, it`s a special and important day. And it`s me, who`s going to sew up his dress. I felt so honored. I tried hard do give my best. I searched, a suitable pattern, for long time. Just to realise that there isn`t anything, like we wanted it to be. Finally, I drafted the pattern by myself. I made a muslin first, I rarely do so. But this time it was important enough, to spend some extra hours.


We were looking for a traditional dress, suitable for a boy. She prefered an overall, rather than a skirt. Not too much decoration, but still very festive.


I found a vintage lace stripe at a brokers`row, a week ago. I really like it. It`s so subtle and looks classic. It was kind of endless handsewing fun to attach the lace to the bodice. I think I didn`t had a project like this before, I had to use a thimble, my fingers get sore. But it was totally worth it. I think all the handsewing, who comes with such a dress, is exactly, what makes it so precious.



I used a very thin cotton Baptist. This fabric is amazing! My mother became it as a gift from an old lady, who worked as a tailor, and stored it for a long time. But, it`s still in an excellent condition! She passed it on to me, thank you mum! It`s so lightweight, I had to line it with a second Baptist who`s a bit firmer. Still the drape of the dress is like a cloud of fabric. I like! But it wasn`t that easy, to insert the invisible zipper. I couldn`t sew it between the two layers, the fabric wasn`t staedy enough. So I just attached it to both layers instead, and sewed a facing. Yes of course, by hand.


In my big zeal, no dress is complete, without the matching shoes. Here they areImage

Made of the softest Nappa leather, with some air-condition for the hopefully hot summer day. I drafted the pattern myself. As the leather is so soft, i didn`t had to line them.  It was a very quick sew, compared to the dress.

Pictures of the sweet little boy in his robe will follow the next week.



Sunny Day Shorts second issue


As I told you, I couldn`t resist. I sewed up a second pair of sunny day shorts by Oliver+S. If you missed my first one, have a look here. I made a few alteration to the very basic shorts pattern. You can really personalize this pattern. Last time, I haven`t been totally satisfied by the result. The shorts where a little to big. So this time I made them smaller. Again, I attached a buttonhole elastic, so it`s easy to adjust the exact size of the waist. And now, they fit well.


My favorite thing, to sew for her, are definitely dresses. So she`s still a bit short on summer shorts. But I`ve to wait at least a week until I`m gonna sew my next pair. All this topstitching…


I used a neon colored thread. So you can see every wonky seam straightaway. It was late at night, I allways forget the time once sitting on my machine. So, they`re a few wonky stitches. But I like the pop of color it adds to the cotton flannel.


That`s my second welt pocket. And now, I know how to name it. Thanks to my readers!


Today it was way to cold outside. So we played inside with her phone. I do not really know if she understands what it should be. Doesn`t look like my cell phone.

Melon Dress


When I look at this dress, I have to think of a melon. It`s maybe the color and the shape. She looks good enough to eat in this dress.

A few days ago I came across this very lightweights solids in my local fabric store. They were in sale. So I just had to buy them. Even if I wasn`t totally sure about. I rarely sew with solids. But when I look at this dress. I have to chance this habitude!


It`s my first ever, bubble dress. the pattern is self drafted. It isn`t hard to do. And it gives such a nice finish, al seams are hidden inside the dress. I lined the whole dress with the orange fabric of the bodice. Since the fabric is so lightweight the dress is very airy. I think she`s totally comfortable in it.

At the moment, i`m totally in the mood of sewing summer cloths for my little bean. I went fabric shopping yesterday. I`ve got a few brand new fabrics in my stash now. Can`t wait to use them.

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