Spring fever


Spring…. I`m ready! At least, I made myself the perfect bomber blouson. Just in case, maybe it helps to get rid of the snow. Can`t tell you how I love this bomber. I didn`t take it off since I cut the threads to my machine.


The Pattern is from CUT Magazine (Issue 10, 01/14), it`s drafted by a young and hip german label, a kind of guise. They`re located in Munich.


Usually, I don`t bother myself reading instructions. I learned to sew with Burda (you know what I mean?). But when I had a look at the tutorial it seemed like I wouldn`t get all this pieces together myself. So I just followed their way. And it was so worth it. The finishing is perfect. I learned something.


I used my serger for the whole piece. I`ve no regrets about buying a good serger (even if I spent all my savings). Perfect seams, always.



Yes, let`s talk fabric. The beautiful mustard jersey with the diamonds is maybe the softest knit I ever sewed with! The print is  adorable and sharp. I ordered at Petit Couture.

The quilted knit is from Miss Matatabi, I already used it here.

Can`t wait for the warm and sunny days!

Honeycomb Smock Dress – Tutorial


Haute couture for a baby? It feels alike. Just kidding. In a way it`s like yoga for me. I love hand embroidering. It`s so meditative. The same stitches over and over again, while you let your thoughts fly. I think that`s the reason why I spend a few hours embroidering a baby dress.


But look at this beauty, totally worth the effort, don`t you think? Hand smocking is an all time favorite. It gives the fabric a structure. And if you do it like me, on a small repetitive swatch, like a gingham, it changes the pattern in a very interesting way.


The dress is self-drafted. I`m exploring the possibilities of gathering fabric. Smocking is a good one. It adds a little stretch to a woven fabric.



That`s a vintage button of my stash. Always a pleasure, to find the perfect one in my collection. I just lined the back bodice. The wrong side of a smock is nearly as beautiful as the front. I didn`t want to hide it. The armholes are finished with a very narrow bias-binding.


Wanna try it yourself?

Here is the tutorial for Honeycomb Smocking

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Secret Valentine


Happy Valentines Day you all! Sanae and Ute, are hosting the Secret Valentine Exchange. You can read all about it here. The game is easy, you’re going to make a handmade gift for somebody and get one in exchange, from somebody else. Such a nice idea.


Frau Gold, sent me this absolutely beautiful, sweet and thoughtful surprise. I just love the cap. Look at my little bean wearing it. Too cute! It doesn`t happen that often, that I receive a handmade gift. It is something special. It means a lot to me. If you make a handmade gift, you have to spend your time, work with your hands and your heart, to create something totally unique, just for this person.

The gift I received, was made with so much care. All this little details. It`s perfect! Thank you so much!!!

I don`t know if my SVE Partner got his gift already. I had to make a surprise for Mirta from mi+ed design. You have to check out her blog. I`m in love with her illustration and prints!

I made her a Yubinuki bracelet. I found a tutorial for that in Mollie Makes (12/2014). It was a lot of fun, even if you have to be really patient. I tried a new pattern. It didn`t work out how I imagined. But I like the outcome as well. Finally, I made a linen zipper pouch and some self-made bias tape ( I didn`t take a picture). I hope she will like it. It`s made with love and good thoughts.


Plain Pleats


I didn`t make so many pleats for just one garment before, I guess. But, it was worth the effort. The fabric source is an old scarf, I found at a flea market once. I felt in love with the colors and the soft linen. It was like made for the dress I had in mind.



I imagined a low waist dress, without a gathered skirt. So I just took the whole width of the scarf and pleated the bodice part. The pattern is self drafted. I pleated the fabric first, then I cut out the pattern pieces. That`s way easier than calculate all those pleats in the pattern.


I wanted to add tulip sleeves to one of my projects for a long time. I think it`s a good match with this dress.


I planned to attach pockets. Fabric was cut out and ready. I just forgot to sew them in. As I noticed my fault, I was too lazy to unpick the side seams, I left them out.


I love the plain and smooth look of this dress. I guess, it`s going to look even softer, when the linen crinkles after washing.

Ready to… wear?


When I felt in love with the Lotta dress by Compagnie-M, my little bean was much to small for a size 1Y. But, that`s exactly where the size range starts. As I`m not a very rational being, i couldn`t wait until she`ll be big enough. And of course, I was much to lazy to size it down. I just sewed the smallest size, prepared to wait more than half a year until she`ll be able to wear it, actually. Kind of silly, I know.


I seems like she`s rather small, I thought, that she could probably wear it on her first birthday. But nope. I had to wait, until she was 16 months old. Every time, when I opened her closed I saw this nice dress. I don`t know how many times she had to try it on, just to put it back on the hanger for an other month.



She doesn`t understand, what`s the meaning of the pockets. Nonetheless, they`re seem to be funny.


I can`t remember why I went for the button closure (that`s just one of three options). It looks nice on the hanger. But when she`s wearing it, I do not really like the look. Do you see what I mean? Next time, I would install a zipper for sure!


The dress is lined with silk. It`s so soft, it feels good on the skin. Silk is such a beautiful material, it`s like water to sew with.


Oh, I nearly forgot to introduce you to Rosalie, the co-star in this shooting. It was her first stuffed friend (and is still her only one), she`s much loved!

Water and Light


I really made my dress a few cm shorter, just to save some of this beautiful fabric for her. It was exactly enough, to make this tinny little babydoll. Even though, I had to be creative. Sometimes, I ask myself, does it just happen to me? It seems like, I always have barely enough fabric.


I wanted to show the different shades of color on the bodice too. As the squares are quite big, I went for a patchwork. I like the result!


I`m not a patchworker, but I didn`t go for straight squares. I wanted it to look like the design on the skirt. Probably I shouldn`t say that… i did it with my serger.


The dress is self-drafted. I love the shoulder part. If you ask me, the boxy shape is a nice contrast to the smooth skirt fabric.


Usually, if I come up with a new dress and ask her to try it on, she says no-no and walks away as fast as can be. But this time, she took the dress in her hands and tried to pull it over her head. As if to say, what a beautiful dress you made me, mummy. She couldn`t make me a bigger compliment. I was touched!


Earflap Cap – Free Pattern and Tutorial


It`s about 2 Months ago that I promised to share my Earflap Cap Pattern … I know, I know… . Better late than never. Yesterday we got snow again, that was my reminder. Here we go…


I just love this cap, she wears it nearly every day. It holds her ears cozy and warm. If you`re in a hurry, you can sew up one in about 45 minutes. It`s an easy and fast project. Perfect, if you need a last-minute baby gift.

I`m not an artist, I don`t know why, I felt more like drawing this tutorial, rather than taking pictures. But I was in a mood. Hope that works for you.

Here is your pattern, be carefull not to scale the pattern while printing.

It`s for a head circumference of 46-48 cm. That should fit a baby from 12-18 Months.


Note: This is a pattern without seam allowance. You may add 1 cm.



Sew the side pieces to the middle piece. Right sides facing (RSF). Do the same with the lining fabric.

Sew the flap RSF together, crop the fabric around the curved edges. Turn right side out. Press.


Baste the flap and the straps to the seam allowance of the fabric.

4. Earflap-Cap_004

Sew fabric and lining RSF together (flap and straps should be between this two layers!). Leave the middle part in the back open (as indicated in the drawing). Turn right sides out, through this opening.

5. Earflap-Cap_005

Sew the opening close. Sew the flap to the cap, with a few hand stitches.

Congrats, your done!

That`s how it should look like…


share your procject with me… I would love to see your Caps.